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Animated Characters & Modeling

Explainer videos have become a great way to create awareness about a brand or its products. More companies are making use of explainer videos to engage their customers on the social media than ever. A type of such explainer videos is animated characters and modelling.

Animated characters and modelling refers to the use of characters within a two or three-dimensional context. It could be the use of cartoon characters or giving life to images. Animated characters and modelling is an effective marketing tool because it gets the attention of viewers and also brings a human approach which customers can identify with.

    Principles of Animated characters and modelling

    Some of the basic principles of animated characters and modelling include:
  • Squash and stretch: This technique performs several functions like creating illusion of weight and volume as the character moves, animating dialogue, etc
  • Anticipation: It’s a movement that prepares the viewers for the action the character is about to make such as running, speaking, jumping, etc.
  • Staging: Every action and pose by the character as well as use of different types of shots should communicate a message, idea or mood.
  • Timing: This refers to accurate placement of actions within a certain timeline. It helps create rhythm and encourages believability.
  • Exaggeration: A moderate exaggeration of the facial features, poses, actions and attitude of the character helps to create humour and enhance the storytelling.

Key Benefits of Animated Characters and Modelling

Storytelling: Storytelling has proven to be an effective way of teaching new things and communicating a message. Storytelling employs the use of characters, and when businesses use animated characters and modelling, it makes it easy to explain what a brand or product is about.

Audience identification: Animated characters and modelling give businesses the power to fully customize their videos to reflect the characteristics of their audience. When a target audience can identify with characters in an video, it helps grow trust in a brand.

A fun touch: Animated characters and modelling gives businesses an opportunity to explain what they have to offer in an interesting and humorous way. This helps keep the audience glued till the end of the advert and makes it memorable.

Emotional connection: A well-animated character can help forge an emotional connection with viewers. When animated characters and modelling are properly created by professionals, it can make viewers laugh, cry, smile, blush and many more.

High conversions: Since animated characters and modelling shows how a business can help viewers in a fun way, it also drives audience engagement which translates to higher sales.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Animated Characters and Modelling Services?

Creating animated characters and modelling videos is a great way to boost engagements. At JachOOs™, we have seasoned video professionals who are ready to help present your business to your target audience in a humorous and engaging way to drive sales.

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