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ChatGPT: Busting 2 Biggest Rumors using the AI-bot Itself

January 24, 2023, Written by 0 comment

ChatGPT is indeed a trend in the town. Playing around withChatGPT is one of the fun activities people are engaged in irrespective of their age. People from different domains are also trying out the possibilities of it. Keep in mind that it is not just from the digital marketing or IT services domain where it can be used directly. However, each domain is using it in different ways. Like any other trends that have happened before, this is not something new. This is utilizing a prevailing technology to enhance the user experience.

Not just a regular trend

Trends come and go in regular intervals. See what happened with the Clubhouse.  It came in which novel form factor. It set a trend and now it is almost gone. But I don’t think ChatGPT is anything like the Clubhouse. It is here to stay, something more like cloud hosting services, as long as any mightier opponent comes its way.

ChatGPT vs Google

ChatGPT is basically functioning as a search engine from the parent company OpenAI. In fact, another level of search engine. While conventional search engines, Google in particular, behave like a huge database, getting activated by a search term, producing results for you to research.  Indeed, in some cases, Google gives direct answers as well. ChatGPT does that in a different way. A whole new level.

When you start a search in ChatGPT, it is more like starting a conversation with a person. Not just a person. A person with an immensely high level of knowledge. Its conversational approach and the ability to remember the thread makes it an immediate favorite among the crowd.

With ChatGPT you may ask well crafted, errorless questions as if you are talking to a person and you get the answer right away without needing to research in different pages like the other search engines provide. The more descriptive the search term the better the answers will be.

Coming to the Point

Google is a search engine highly dependent upon the database they have. Most of the searches in Google are giving results from which we have to choose, research, analyze, compile and find answers according to our convenience. This is indeed a time consuming process. On the other hand, chat GPT is giving you the answer as such. They do this by choosing, searching,  and analyzing and combining to synthesize the answer for your search.

So, basically chat GPT is a great tool for one who is looking for definite answers. Something like getting scientific answers, producing a write up or writing a code. It can also be used to check and correct codes. In fact, a great tool if you are having something like an IT services or a web designing company requiring a high amount of reviewing codes.

When you are looking for indefinite answers like opinions, ideas and interpretations, ChatGPT’s answers can be biased based on the volume and percentage of information already available on the internet. Also, to get some of the definite answers you need researching. In such cases, ChatGPT will not be an ideal choice as the answers are readymade. Same for content writing services, the most trolled sector in the name of ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT a Threat to Google?

So, we cannot tell that ChatGPT is a direct contender of Google search. The best part is, even ChatGPT doesn’t count itself as an alternative for Google search engine. When asked about this, ChatGPT’s response was like ‘As a language model, my primary function is to generate human-like text based on the input provided to me. I am not a search engine like Google and my capabilities are different. Google has a vast amount of resources and a team of experts working on their search algorithm which makes it hard for me to surpass Google as a search engine. However, I can assist you in generating text, answering questions, and providing information in a conversational manner.

Is ChatGPT a Threat to Content Writers?

And when asked whether it is a threat to content writers, which is another rumor in the air, this was the response from ChatGPT. ‘No, I am not a threat to content writers. I am a tool that can assist them in generating content, but ultimately it is up to the writer to review and edit the output to ensure it meets their standards and effectively communicates their message. Additionally, my use cases are usually in generating large amounts of text and in certain specific scenarios like summarization, question answering and language translation.’ Even in this response a grammar correction was required.

Whenever asked about comparison to Google, ChatGPT kept on repeating that it is a language model and not a search engine. This reinforces that ChatGPT is in no mood to replace Google. However, people started to use ChatGPT for searches which is troubling Google. As per the latest reports, Google is working on about 20 separate AI products. Most of them are to be released in 2023 itself. And no wonder, if one among them is a ChatGPT competitor. Or a more powerful Google assistant too would do.

With the popularity, experience and follower base Google already have, if they put forward a ChatGPT contender, it will definitely give a hard time for ChatGPT. The sooner this step, the better it becomes for Google. One thing is certain, this competition will bring about drastic changes in several industries, mostly the one providing digital marketing and IT services. However, replacing a job role like content writers or developers with ChatGPT or similar AI techs will not happen any time soon.


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