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How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting For Your Website?

December 16, 2020, Written by 0 comment

WordPress hosting is the most simple and common type of hosting available for business websites. According to statistics, WordPress powers nearly one-third of the websites in the world. WordPress hosting uses servers designed to host WordPress Content Management System (CMS). These servers normally employ programming languages like PHP and MySQL and ensure high speed and security for your WordPress blogs.

The number of WordPress hosting providers offering top quality hosting services has grown drastically in recent years. It’s not easy for newbies to select an affordable and high quality hosting from the given choices. While choosing a WordPress hosting for your website, focus on these criteria so that you could run your business without worrying on IT issues.

Bandwidth: Are you looking for a WordPress hosting to simply manage your blogs or a website that can manage high traffic at any time? If you expect frequent traffic spikes to your website, go for a provider who can offer unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited WordPress hosting helps you to manage heavy traffic at all times without causing slowdown.

Updated software: Getting latest versions of software is a major factor while considering your hosting provider. Look for the latest versions of PHP as it offers advanced features compared to older ones and makes your website perform faster.

SSL Certificate: Security should be your primary criterion in choosing a hosting service. SSL is a guaranteed symbol of security and plays an important role in ranking a website. It is also mandatory for ecommerce websites that require money transaction. Good hosting services give it for free along with their hosting registration.

Backup support: Data is vital for any business and its loss can do great damage to your business growth. Choose a WordPress hosting service that offers excellent backup support, at least once in a day. So, you need not panic in case of an emergency shut down or some unforeseen disaster that may happen any time.

Loading time: Internet users don’t wait for ages for a website to load. A good website normally loads within 2-3 seconds. According to proven studies, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will move on to another website and it starts to affect your search engine ranking badly.

Location: The location of your web server has an impact on your website. It is always better to choose a hosting provider close to your client base to ensure maximum performance and speed. Companies like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and DigitalOcean have datacenters spread across the globe. If you can get a reseller hosting on these branded datacenters, you won’t have to worry about your website performance anymore.

Storage: Having enough storage space in the server is highly important for businesses, especially medium and large scale enterprises that need to handle huge amount of data and files. Limited storage space will also affect your site performance. With an unlimited WordPress hosting, your business will never experience an issue related to storage.

Money value: It is important to get maximum value for the money you spend for hosting. Compare different hosting providers and analyze which one offer maximum features at minimum price. Also, check for additional offers at the given time of purchase. Look for a hosting company that offers free migration, free SSL and free domain name registration along with hosting. Moreover, make sure that there aren’t any hidden costs mentioned with terms and conditions.

Advanced control: It is not plausible to contact your WordPress hosting provider for every small change that you need to make in your website. Similarly, it is also not feasible to hire a technical staff to manage the website. An unlimited WordPress hosting provide you with an advanced control panel that helps you to customize and manage your website content with a single dashboard.

With a WordPress website, you may often face many technical errors like ‘500 Internal Error’ and blank homepage. Such issues can be avoided or instantly mitigated only with the help of an unlimited WordPress hosting or excellent technical support from the provider. Also evaluate the above mentioned criteria like updated software, cPanel, PHP version, MySQL version, security, storage and backups before choosing your WordPress hosting. If you choose wisely, you can easily focus on your business without technical issues worrying you all the time.


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