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How to find a perfect domain name for your business?

December 16, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Domain names are a very important part of your website, although it seems really simple. Many people don’t realize its significance while choosing one for their website. It has the power to make or break your business. So, much thought and consideration need to be done before you check domain name availability for your business website.

Why are domain names important?

You may wonder why a name matters so much! But the fact is that domain names help a lot in branding, improving SEO score and increasing ROI for your business.

Product branding – The right domain name can have a great impact on your customers by labeling the brand name in their minds. It also helps in easy identification of your product.

Enhance SEO – Domain name is one of the factors that Google algorithm identifies to rank your website. If you choose your domain name wisely by including your keywords, it can boost your website SEO score.

Targeted reach – Proper domain names help the search engines to identify your product or service and show it to the right customers when they search for them.

Before you check domain name availability, here are a few tips that will help you in finding the perfect domain name for your website.

Choose the Right Extension

Extensions are the end part of the web address that usually appears as .com, .net, .org etc. These are also known as Top Level Domain (TLD). They follow the middle name portion known as Secondary Level Domain (SLD), which is the domain name that we purchase from a service provider.
The most popular extension used is .com followed by .net, .org and .info. These TLDs add more authenticity and SEO score to your website. You may also use extensions like .uk, .us or similar ones if you want to gain more leads from local search. TLDs like .jobs and .health are also popular for targeting industry specific search.

Select a Brandable Name

The name you choose for your domain must help the users or customers to easily identify your product or service. The name should match with your service and should carry your identity. It should be selected for a life time as changing your domain name often can affect product branding adversely, as people find it difficult to identify your website.

Use Short Domain Name

Recent studies conducted on domain names of popular websites have found that majority of them are short and have limited characters of 6-7 in them. So try to make your domain name short and pithy.

Target Keywords

If you are lucky enough to have a keyword that match your brand or service, always use the same for your domain name. It would be highly beneficial for SEO score and also for branding. While this is not directly beneficial for SEO, it can indirectly influence the search.

Check Domain Name Availability

Before you select your domain name, make sure that the name is available on internet and no one has registered the same before with a valid trademark. In such cases you will have to find a new one as it may affect your reputation.


Finding a domain name can be distressing because first you need to select a name that is relevant, catchy and suitable for your business. After that you need to check domain name availability with a service provider. As most of the good domain names may have been already taken away by others, you may often get disappointed. At JachOOs, we help you to check domain name availability much faster and also assist you to find a perfect name that suits your business.


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