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Is Digital Marketing Feasible For Startups?

December 20, 2019, Written by 0 comment

An immediate response to this question can only be affirmative, for which there are so many palpable reasons. Primarily, one should comprehend the idiosyncratic characteristics that distinguish traditional marketing from digital marketing. While traditional form relies on explicit marketing techniques like television and newspaper ads, hoardings and posters, digital marketing is an implicit strategy that uses modern technology and social media to persuade the customers to purchase the targeted product.

Evolution of Marketing

Marketing is a highly effective promotional strategy that was employed since olden times to make a product recognized by the public. Even a product of superior quality fails to produce the desired result if it is not acknowledged by the outside world. Thus, each age in history had its own specific marketing strategies to target particular clients and entice them to buy a product. But, the marketing techniques underwent gradual changes with the advancement of time and technology.

The earliest mode of advertisement was similar to an announcement made to a crowd gathered at a commonplace. It might probably go unnoticed or forgotten immediately. The advent of printing gave a state of permanency and creativity to ads along with an increase in public appeal. As the message remains for a longer time in front of the customer’s eyes, it will also get etched in their minds without any conscious effort. Television ads, hoardings and posters used the power of image along with that of words to make marketing more attractive and persuasive.

Indirect Marketing

With growth in the media industry, the marketing industry also became highly competent. Companies began to spend a huge amount of money to advertise their products through media. Even after spending so much, it remained a herculean task to get brand names registered in the minds of customers, as there are hundreds of brands competing for each product. So, companies began to search for alternate ways that are less expensive and have more reach to customers. This paved the way for indirect marketing, which is implicitly persuading the customer to take the desired action by analyzing consumer purchasing behavior.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in indirect marketing. It is an umbrella term that includes many techniques like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail marketing, Google analytics and much more. It combines the benefits of technology and indirect persuasion. It is always more effective to indirectly make a person convinced about the quality of a brand than to tell him directly to buy that product. Chances are far higher that he will give the brand at least a trial.

Online Marketing Services

The internet is now the greatest market for selling and purchasing any product. Moreover, it is also a great marketing tool that could be used in many ways to influence consumer behavior. There are various online marketing services handy today to meet the growing needs of businesses. Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are accessible to customers for free, but survives through the income generated through digital marketing. The cost incurred by companies for marketing a product digitally is much low compared to other media. Its reach on the other hand far outweighs that of traditional media, physically and emotionally.

There are many companies that provide effective and economically viable online marketing services to businesses and startups. Companies could make use of these services as per their demand and financial ability. Most of these services are much cheaper and effective than traditional media marketing. Thus, for a startup, digital marketing would be the best marketing choice available that could help them to establish a brand name within their limited budget and short time frame.


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