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How Beneficial is Using Technology to Promote Ayurveda?

April 20, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Ayurveda, the traditional and ancient healing system which is based on a holistic approach towards the human body.  Ayurveda in Dubai has gained a great momentum in recent times due to its  holistic approach. Its personalised  approach with most ‘close to natural’ medicines and therapies for wellness definitely need even wider popularity.


Dubai city is fast moving. Here, to set ayurveda for a wider range of people you need technology to promote and market efficiently. Digital marketing has great varieties of options that suit to promote a domain like ayurveda among Dubai people.


Ayurveda is facing several challenges related to fake products and unauthorised therapies. Especially in cities like Dubai. So the authentic ayurvedic centres in Dubai should effectively market to conserve the traditional values of ayurveda intact.


Digital marketing is evolving. That too drastically. Ayurveda being a traditional way of life that is beneficial even for an advanced lifestyle. Needless to say, if you want to reach out to a modern population digital marketing is the way. There are various tools of digital marketing that are very suitable for promoting Ayurveda. Influencer marketing, video testimonial marketing, informative content marketing and certain other social media marketing techniques will work better for an ayurvedic centre in Dubai.


Ayurvedic treatments are lifestyle based. And, lifestyle is different for individuals. So, marketing    of ayurveda should have a personalised touch. Or in other words, with personalised marketing you can find more leads and conversion for your ayurvedic products and services. Indeed, digital marketing is the best way to get your products and services connected emotionally with the audience. With the integration of the right technology in marketing Ayurveda can push the boundaries of tradition to a wider population. This doesn’t mean that any traditional element should be expelled. In fact, digital marketing is the platform which can integrate technology well to traditional elements of ayurveda to make it even more popular. Ayurveda in Dubai is a great example of that.


With general and personalised digital marketing strategies, now Dubai has become a mini hub of Ayurveda. Even within the implementation of ayurveda, Dubai is setting a new example. The best ayurvedic centres here are using technology in treatments as well, in order to make the procedures done fast and with lesser effort.


Coming to ayurvedic products, online ayurveda marketplace is a growing field. With the right strategy and a well designed e-commerce website, you can sell your ayurvedic products anywhere in the UAE. The demand for ayurvedic medicines is also increasing in the area. Especially due to its organic nature. However, as mentioned before, there are fake products and not completely ayurvedic products. With good marketing of good products only, you can save ayurveda from such a crisis.


There are some major challenges as well when using digital marketing for promoting ayurveda. First of which is the regulatory constraints. Ayurveda is not recognised evenly throughout the world. Digital marketing being a global phenomenon, using it can bring ayurveda to news headlines for wrong reasons. Another major issue is the language. Ayurveda is a medical stream developed almost entirely within India. So, the terms used are also of Indian origin. This can be confusing for a large population who are not used to Indian languages.


The other two shortcomings are not related to digital marketing directly. However, it can be evident while doing digital marketing. One is related to how people see ayurveda. Since ayurveda is perceived as an alternate medicine stream, it’s difficult to make progress like mainstream medicine. Next one is also somewhat related to this. Ayurveda being projected as unscientific in certain parts of the world can also affect the marketing.


Ayurveda is a close to nature medicinal branch. To compete in the modern world, it does need modern solutions for promotion. Only with digital marketing with right technology integration, ayurveda can reach out to maximum people. Even though there are some shortcomings, digital marketing teaming up with ayurveda can provide wondrous results.


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