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Joomla CMS: Why is it still popular in 2022?

August 1, 2022, Written by 0 comment

With the aid of GUI operations and without writing any code, users may build and maintain websites or web-based applications using Joomla, a content management system. This tool is popular because it is open-source and requires no prior programming skills or understanding on the part of the user. Working on one’s own website is simple when the backend is connected to databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Simply said, Joomla is an open-source content management system that you can use and customize for free to build websites and web applications without having to write any code from scratch. It establishes a connection to a database, like MySQL or PostgreSQL, to facilitate content management, create Web pages, and store and retrieve data. It was introduced in 2005, and since then, it has won three Packt Open-Source Content Management System awards. JachOOs is a leading web development company that offers customized Joomla developments for your businesses.

Key Features

Let us takes a look at the major features of Joomla.

Content Management: It facilitates the creation and publication of content for web browsers. The user-organized uploaded articles feature WYSIWYG content creation, allowing you to preview the final product before it is published online.

User Management: Multiple user accounts can be created with Joomla. Since these accounts have different user levels, only an Admin may make significant changes to the website. For authentication, Joomla also supports OpenID, Gmail, and LDAP.

Media Management: Users can upload media to websites without using FTP by utilizing Joomla’s media manager. To more effectively categorize the media content, folders can be created. The visitor won’t need to download the material because it may simply be viewed within the pages.

Templating Supports: In Joomla, templates are crucial in determining how your webpages will appear. Additionally, templates from third parties are available. Once added to the website, a template can be applied globally or specifically to a certain area.

Banner Management: Joomla offers functionality for setting up banners and other advertisements. Once configured, you can make a lot of clicks and impressions and, if necessary, set up any specific URLs.

RSS: A visitor can subscribe to your website using RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary, and use an RSS Reader to check for fresh content. Both burning feeds for users and integrating feeds to post the same stuff on the website itself are fully supported.

You can avail expert Joomla web development services from the top-notch web development companies like JachOOs.

Why Joomla is so popular?

The explanation is simple, straightforward, and powerful. This gives the developer a lot of flexibility and customizability, even though WordPress is equally easy to use and customize. During installation, Joomla modules can be enabled and disabled as necessary. Additionally, it is safer than other CMSs.

In Joomla, templates are equally important. If you don’t like how the site looks, you can install different templates from a variety of online sources. This expedites the process of designing the website’s front end. The expert Joomla developers at JachOOs, the top web development company based in Dubai, extends their service for your business needs.


The following are the major benefits of Joomla.

1. Installing and configuring this is simple. You will find the installation process to be lot simpler than installing anything like Drupal.

2. In order to increase its feature set, it supports the installation of plugins. You can install these paid and unpaid plugins from the official Joomla repository or from one of the numerous websites that offer Joomla plugins.

3. It includes excellent user control tools that let you enable or deny users to access site features.

4. There is no need for specialized software or coding expertise to update the CMS.

5. Even if the site has thousands of pages, you can quickly navigate through it thanks to the simple options for creating hierarchies.

The Best Joomla Development Service

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