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When planning for building data centres, it is significant factor to choose the right people who excels in strategic planning, construction and the operation of data centres. JachOOs™ approach to the construction of data centre facilities is as a complete end to end solution provider.

Data Centre Design & Construction

The design of a Data Centre has to meet the business requirements, have the infrastructure to support those business requirements and be workable for IT personnel. The Data Centre is the hub of information and processes for most organisations and it therefore needs to be well designed and constructed to ensure it meets the requirements of an organisation.

JachOOs™ as a dynamic and collaborative partner provides our clients with resources to leverage expertise along the entire datacentre infrastructure supply chain. Our datacentre engineering division specializes in providing turnkey solutions for small, medium and Centralized Mega Sized Global Data Centres and Electromechanical projects products including: -

Power Supply System

Uninterruptible access to energy is the important factor of any datacentre. That is why datacentres are built and why they should be ideally powered by two independent routes of energy coming through their own transformers. The energy goes through a substation through automatic transfer switch (APS) – with a diesel generator connected – and into the UPS units with their own battery modules.

Datacenter Cooling System.

JachOOs™ use data centre technology chillers for mission critical applications. Precision Close Control Air Conditioning units (CRAC) for datacentre. We build with a full range of air conditioning systems for your data centre, room cooling technologies that save energy and water while simplifying deployment. A necessary part of every data centre is its cooling. A de facto standard is a double flooring and a system of cold and hot aisles. The cold aisles should be roofed over to prevent the mixing of hot and cold air.

Smart Power Distribution units (PDU)

A rack power distribution unit (PDU) is a device with multiple outlets designed to distribute power to networking equipment within a rack, including servers, storage devices and other equipment.

Special high-density server racks

A datacentre rack is a type of physical steel and electronic framework that is designed to house servers, networking devices, cables and other datacentre computing equipment.

Raised Access Floor

A raised floor provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.

Structured Cabling

In the best of data centre ecosystems, a standards-based structured cabling system will provide functionality and scalability with the maximum available options for current and future equipment.

Fire alarm & Fire Suppression

Datacentres require fast-acting fire detection and suppression solutions to protect critical assets and safeguard business continuity. JachOOs™ experts will design, install and maintain the perfect system to keep your datacentre safe from fire even when using the latest aisle containment strategies.

For Fire suppression, we use clean agent, sprinkler and water mist.

Clean Agent – A control panel releases clean agent into the room and/or under floor when a designated number of detectors activate.

Sprinkler – May be a wet system (pipes always full of water) or a pre-action system (pipes remain dry until detection of a fire causes an action that fills them with water).

Water Mist – New technology that atomizes water droplets into a non-conductive fog that suppresses fire without water damage.

Security and Surveillance

A complete solution for access control and CCTV, Monitoring Systems will be implemented to have a full security on data hosted in the datacentre.

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