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We do registration for all the domains you wish to have for your business. 1000s of new domains are coming soon.

Why are new domain extensions being introduced

Today, it's hard for businesses and individuals to find domains that are both relevant and available. With over a hundred new domain extensions like .guru, .photography and .clothing being introduced, it will be much easier to find the right domain for your website.

How Can I Register A Domain?

While considering for a domain registration, each domain will become available in a few phases, depending on the individual domain. These phases are:

  • Trademark Priority All TLDs will have an initial period, called a Trademark Priority (Sunrise), to give trademark holders the first and highest priority to acquire domains in the new TLDs. This is to prevent any domain squatting or other legal issues. We will have 30 days notice before this period begins for each TLD.
  • Priority Registration Traditionally known as Landrush, this is a period of advanced domain registration, following the Trademark Priority (Sunrise), before becoming generally available. This gives eager registrants and organizations, that don’t have trademarks, an early opportunity to secure a domain in a new TLD. This phase may not occur with all TLDs.
  • Fast Pass Move right to the front of the line with a Fast Pass. The Fast Pass moves a registration to the very beginning of the traditional first-come-first-serve sequence (General Availability) so the domain is most likely to be successfully registered. A Fast Pass is particularly valuable if there is no Priority Registration for a specific domain.
  • General Availability First-come, first-serve! In General Availability the domains is open to the public and all registrations are processed as they are received.

Sunrise Domain Name Registration

Register your trademark name with any of the new domain extensions!

If you are a trademark-holder, you get the first shot at procuring your desired Domain Names.

Simply submit your SMD file to claim your trademark in your chosen extensions! If you don’t have SMD file, we will guide you for registering.

Benefits of registering a domain with us Jachoos

  • Free Email Account Receive 2 personalized Email Addresses such as mail@yourdomain.com with free fraud, spam and virus protection.
  • DNS Management Free lifetime DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.
  • Free Mail Forwards Create free email forwards and automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.
  • Bulk Tools Easy-to-use bulk tools to help you Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to several Domain Names in a single step.
  • Domain Forwarding Point your domain name to another website for free! Redirect users when they type your domain name into a browser (with/without domain masking & SEO)
  • Domain Theft Protection Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Domain Theft Protection.
  • Easy to use Control Panel Use our intuitive Control Panel to manage your domain name, configure email accounts, renew your domain name and buy more services.

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