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Drupal, launched in 2000, is a widely utilized Content Management System (CMS) globally. It stands out as a highly functional option among numerous advanced content management systems and frameworks available in the market. Drupal is a popular choice due to its open-source nature, being freely available to users. Developed using PHP language and featuring a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, Drupal encompasses a comprehensive set of essential and sought-after features. :-

  • User Account Registration and Maintenance
  • Page Layout Customization
  • System Administration
  • Menu Management
  • RSS Feeds

Why to Choose Drupal?

  • All The Basic Features You Require
    Drupal Core contains all the required features which can be used to develop all kinds of websites be it simple site, single or multi user blog, forums, brochureware, community website etc.
  • Numerous Building Tools and Templates
    Drupal has the basic building blocks of websites in a module style format by which content and rules can be created quickly. We can use the available templates and themes to build simple or complex websites. Pre-defined configurations of site features help users to build even complex websites rapidly.
  • Flexible and Robust Content Creation
    Drupal main benefit is its ability for content creation. Drupal allows its users the flexibility to create and manage different types of contents like text, blog, video, polls, user-management, podcasts, real-time stats etc.
  • Advanced Administrator Controls
    In Drupal, administrators have the rights to set up new user accounts and user permissions can be assigned as per role or group and can be fine tuned, allowing users to help create your content. Drupal latest release of versions 8 allows more easier and greater controls.
  • Create Own Dynamic Designs
    Drupal offers themes and templates which are easily recognizable to the public. Also many users like to use its design tools to create their own dynamic designs. Drupal allows for easy creation of dynamic designs.
  • Organize Content Easily
    The important part of any CMS is to organize the content so that it can be used later. Drupal allows you to categorize your content through path urls, create custom lists, associate content and create defaults. This structure in Drupal helps to organize, search, find and reuse the content easily.
  • Thousands of Plugins and Extensions
    Drupal has several thousands plugins and extensions available which enhance your website building capability. Drupal is open source hence you can use plugins, customize them or create your own plugin as per your custom requirements.

Why Choose Jachoos?

Jachoos has established an experienced and expert team of Drupal developers which have developed numerous Drupal based websites to help the businesses succeed. We offer consistent quality and follows superior processes and models in Drupal website development. We offer scalable solutions which are highly customized and tailored for your specific business requirements. We offer cost competitive Drupal development services which always provide greater ROI for your IT efforts.

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