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Server and Network Infrastructure Services

In today’s modern technology powered world, all companies need some type of IT infrastructure services. These services mainly include server and network infrastructure services. As companies grow, their needs for IT infrastructure service also grow. Today companies have lots of software and hardware choices which are important for fulfilling the current needs for IT solutions for medium to large scale businesses and organization. Even if you have implemented the most reliable and cutting edge technologies, it doesn’t mean you won’t require any IT service and that everything is integrated and will work properly forever. Many times issues can come up within your company which can result in loss of important data, security breaches, reduced productivity and efficiency. With the help of Jachoos IT consultants, these concerns can be addressed quickly as Jachoos provides top rated and world class server and network infrastructure related IT services for its clients worldwide. As part of our service, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your server and network infrastructure. After that we give advice on our findings which may involve suggestions around technology issues and inefficiencies as well as some parameters which are best suited for your company’s needs.

Some of our IT infrastructure services includes:-

Network Infrastructure

If your company has a flexible and reliable network and then it will give you the ability to collaborate more effectively, communicate and secure information. Jachoos can help you build your network to scale and provide the flexibility, mobility and access to your IT resources which you require.

    What We can do?

  • Analysis and planning
  • VoIP/call center solutions
  • Routing/switching/wireless
  • WAN acceleration
  • Firewalls/VPN
  • Access control/IDS/IPS

    Jachoos propvides IT network design, engineering, hardware and full 24*7 technical support. Jachoos is expert in Cisco Systems, Dell SonicWALL, HP Networking, Symantec etc. We also provide complete HIPAA compliance and PCI Compliance consulting services.

    Our core network IT infrastructure services include:-

  • Inter-site Networking Design.
  • Network Design and Implementation Assistance for Additional locations.
  • Network Configuration Audits and consulting.
  • Core Distribution and Edge Networking Design.
  • SCADA Networking Best Practices, Design and Support.
  • Expert in the Designing and implementation of Manufacturing industries.

Server Infrastructure

When businesses grow then they need reliable server solution which supports the changing demands of the businesses and their environment. Jachoos can work with you to develop a server strategy which will help you to achieve optimum performance, efficiency, availability and high Return on Investment (ROI) in your business.

    What We can do?

  • Email encryption
  • Servers & desktops
  • Data security and backup
  • Virtualization & storage
  • Disaster recovery & planning
  • Exchange planning & migrations
  • Office 365
  • Antivirus

Why to Choose Server & Network Infrastructure Services from Jachoos?

A well designed server and network infrastructure addresses the needs and demands of all employees or an organization wherever they are located in the world i.e to provide them network connectivity anywhere, anytime. From your server room to your network, you can rely on Jachoos’s design, implementation and optimization of your network infrastructure. We have partnered with world’s leading technology companies including Microsoft and Cisco to offer you the most advanced services and solutions. We have an expert team of certified networking and IT infrastructure services professionals which have been consistently delivering high quality and reliable services for many years. We always provide full 24*7 technical Support and 100% best customer service to our clients worldwide.

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