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Few things can keep your message stuck in your listeners’ mind like catchy jingles and drops. A jingle is a short song or tune that contains a hook (or several hooks). Its origin can be traced to 1928 when General Mills planned to stop production of Wheaties in the following year. However, when the advert song “Have you tried Wheaties?” was played, it was so catchy and effective that it generated massive sales which changed the fortune of the company.

In today’s world of digital marketing, jingles and drops remain an effective advertising strategy that’s extremely valuable. It’s a tested and trusted tactic for keeping a brand or product locked in the mind of listeners. The next time listeners see a product with the name of a business on it, they will associate it with the jingle advert which increases the chances that they will make the purchase.

    Some features of an effective jingles and drops include:

  • It is short and simple for everyone to understand regardless their educational background
  • It’s catchy with a hook or more to make it memorable
  • It has a positive emotional appeal to listeners
  • It has a message that sums up your brand
  • It has a slogan line that’s simple, yet invokes positive memory of the brand

Key Benefits of Jingles and Drops

Easy to remember: Few things can remain stuck in the mind of listeners for a day, making them hum it repeatedly without noticing. That’s the power of jingles and drops as they are unique and memorable.

Define an offer: Communicating what your brand or product has to offer can be a little hard. Jingles and drops make it easy to communicate what your business has to offer through the message in them.

Attract customers: Jingles and drops are an effective tool for attracting new customers. When aired, it can make listeners feel an emotional connection to your brand or product. The emotional connection can turn them to loyal customers.

Brand awareness: Jingles and drops can help create brand awareness. A clever and unique jingle and drop passes the message that a brand is different from the competition and subtly builds credibility.

Higher sales: Just like they did when they were first aired in 1928, jingles and drops can help drive sales for a product if they are carefully created with the right words and music.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Jingles and Drops services?

Create a brand awareness that makes you stand out from the competition and enjoy a spike in sales with the catchy jingles and drops from JachOOs™. We have the experience, and professionals who are ready to help you create a tune with a hook that will keep you locked in the mind of your listeners for a long time.

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