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Many businesses face the challenge of clearly describing what they do to their potential customers in a way that can be easily understood. Many times, when prospects read the brochure and flyers, or visit the website of a company, they seldom have a genuine idea of what services the company is offering or what their products can do. This is where Live Action Explainers come in.

Live action explainers give potential customers a reason to care about your business. Even though videos are an integral part of today’s marketing plans in many industries and there are several types of explainer videos, Live Action Explainers are personable and help create an emotional connection to your brand or company. It incorporates a spokesperson, animated symbols, texts or excerpts into the live video to creating visuals that engage a target audience.

    An effective live action explainer video adheres to these basic rules:

  • It has a powerful beginning that can grab the attention of viewers
  • It is short but straightforward so viewers don’t lose interest halfway
  • It has a clear message and a persuasive call to action
  • It uses a compelling story that’s in line with the product or brand

Key Benefits of Live Action Explainers

Human Connection: Unlike other type of explainers, live action explainers present your company from a human perspective instead of a business perspective. This helps give a personal touch to your videos and connect with viewers quickly.

Brand Personality: Every brand has a personality and live action explainers give you an opportunity to express it. It helps viewers perceive your business they way you desire e.g. serious, fun, cool, formal, old etc.

Evoke emotions: A live action explainer makes it easy for viewers to relate to the characters and situations in the video. Viewers can relate to facial expressions, environment and body language in the video.

Useful for products: Live action explainers are most effective when used in explaining the benefits of a product than for services. It gives visuals of a product’s functionality.

ROI: Live action explainers may be pricey (depending on your script and budget), but they have high return on investment. They can generate leads and create high conversions because they are personable.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Live Action Explainers services?

At JachOOs™, we have an ingenious, proficient team that is passionate about creating visual masterpieces that can explain your business and trigger responses to your call-to-action. We will help narrate your business in a way that calls attention to your brand personality while promoting your products.

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