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Magento is an open source E-Commerce website development platform which is used by over 2,50,000 companies including Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Burger King etc to propel their online business. It is very stable and scalable solution for medium to large enterprise e-commerce businesses. Whatever are your needs and expectations, Magento can fulfill that for you. Magento has a total share of 20% of top e-commerce websites. Magento is a PHP based platform and currently dominates the market. Magento has various editions hence you can choose the one which best suits your business needs.

Magento Community Edition or Magento Open Source

Magento Community is a free open source edition of Magento. The core of Magento Community can be modified as per the business requirements. It is a flexible and feature rich platform and preferred by developers, tech-savvy retailers and small to medium size businesses. Magento Community edition has also very good support of the entire Magento Community which interacts with each other via various online forums and groups. Hence in case you need any help, there are so many people from Magento community who can help you to resolve your problem.

Now this Magento Community edition is simply called as Magento Open Source. This is a free E-commerce platform for your core business needs. This free edition delivers the performance and features required to meet the core commerce needs of businesses today. This is suitable for growing small businesses or for those who want to experiment and learn how to build an online store from ground. Using this, you can get your site up and running in very short period of time. It also has comprehensive documentation and an extensive marketpalce for readymade extensions and themes. In Magento community and ecosystem, developers share innovative ideas, help each other solve problems and also work together to advance the capabilities and performance of the platform.

Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Commerce(On Premises)

Magento Enterprise is the premium version of Magento. Magento enterprise edition has extended inbuilt features and functionalities with a 24*7 technical support from Magento therefore it is ideal for large enterprises. Although Magento Enterprise edition has a price tag but when you look at the extensive list of its advanced features and yearly maintenance then you will find that your investment is worth it.

Now Magento Enterprise Edition is known as Magento Commerce (On Premises). It is derived from Magento Open Source and has the same core files. It is not free but has more features and functionality. Magento Commerce is designed for large businesses that require technical support with installation, configuration, usage and troubleshooting. Magento Commerce has annual maintenance fees but Magento Commerce On Premises or Magento Enterprise Edition don’t include hosting. Magento Enterprise Edition is best fit if you want your e-commerce site to perfectly meet your current and future business requirements as it contains more features and using thousands of available Magento extensions in the marketplace you can extend the functionality of your Magento E-commerce store enormously. So many big brands all over the world are using Magento Enterprise edition to run their e-commerce store and have witnessed huge success in their e-business.

Magneto Enterprise Cloud Edition or Magento Commerce

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is the new product of Magento E-commerce which was launched on 12th April, 2016. It is a PaaS(Platform as a service) specially designed for Magento 2. It is a fully hosted web based service that runs on Amazon Web Services(AWS). Magento Enterprise cloud edition is fully customizable, scalable and secure and provides best platform for e-store fronts. Other versions of Magento use SaaS(Software as a service) model. SaaS is rigid and the merchants had to manage their own hosting, either via a hosting service provider or using their own servers. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition comes with cloud hosting from AWS and provides many additional services. Magento ECE takes the load off the retailers as it is designed to handle large amounts of traffic. It is very flexible, loads very fast and keeps the customers satisfied.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is now simply called as Magento Commerce. No other platform can give you the power to create unique, limitless and engaging shopping experience. It has rich out of the box features, an unlimited ability to customize and smooth third party integrations. With Magento Commerce, you are supported by a global ecosystem of businesses, partners and developers. It is also easy to innovate, scale and to achieve immense growth of your small, medium or enterprise business. No doubt this is the Magento’s powerful cloud development environment. In this, you can also use Magento Business Intelligence for detailed reporting and analysis and analyze data to find out your top customers, products and promotions so that you can see new growth opportunities. Magento Commerce can handle your high traffic sales day and with cloud hosting, your content is delivered lightning fast and your site is optimized every minute. With the cloud, your site is working 24*7. It has flexible features, effortless customization and thousands of extensions hence you can create a site for any industry or customer easily.

Magento Commerce Order Management or Magento Order Management

It is an E-commerce inventory software that makes order management easy and delivers a truly connected shopping experience. Magneto understands that your growing business requires more flexibility and functionality to meet the changing customer requirements. Hence using Magento order management, you can extend your e-commerce platform with order management to deliver the ultimate shopping experience and make yours and your customer’s life easier. By this you can know where your stuff is so that you can sell it. It can fulfill orders directly from your stores and provides extensive list of products to customers. Hence now you can sell anywhere to anyone.

Now after Magento’s rebranding, this is known as simply Magento Order Management. Now Order Management has just got more easier. Magento knows that your growing business needs more flexibility and functionality to meet the changing customer desires. Now you can extend your commerce platform with order management to deliver the ultimate shopping experience and make life easier. Using this, you can know where your things are so that you can sell it. You can fulfill orders directly from your stores and sell effectively anywhere to anyone. Now you can get fast results and also enjoy customer loyalty as you can now react quickly to customer demand. With Magento Order Management you have a real time whole view of your customers, orders an inventory and you can fulfill the order from the best location i.e. Store, warehouse or drop-shipper so the customer gets the product fast and save money by shipping from most efficient place. Now you can stay ahead and get to market faster. Together with your Magento Commerce platform, Order Management gives you the systems and process required to meet your business goals.

Why Choose Us for Magento Development Services?

Jachoos has several years of Magento development experience. We can design an effective online store to fulfill all of the requirements of your business as well as the customers. Our Magnento developers provide easy navigation throughout your online store. We integrate reliable, efficient and secure payment gateways into your online store.

    Features of Magento Development Services We offer:-

  • Ability to control multiple stores
  • Search Engine Friendly Magento Stores
  • Easy one click upgrades
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Free Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Highly Scalable Solutions
  • Advanced Shipping and one page checkout
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Intuitive Product and Category Management

We follow innovative expertise and strategies and create breakthrough in your business by high quality Magento development. We always provide high quality and reliable services as per the requirements. We always take a futuristic approach to eliminate unnecessary future costs. We use latest cutting edge technologies and proven methodologies for your Magento development. Whether your requirement is for Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition or Magento order management, We always provide best quality and highly cost effective services. Contact us now for any of your Magento Development requirement.

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