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Micro Sites and Landing Pages

Microsites and landing pages provide your company with more in-depth and interactive focused marketing approach to your online marketing campaigns.


A microsite, a mini website typically on its own domain or subdomain, is a highly effective tool for generating targeted leads in marketing campaigns. These dedicated domains are designed to cover a single subject or individual campaign. Each microsite requires a separate domain registration, resulting in web addresses like www.YourCampaignMicrosite.com or CampaignMicrosite.YourDomain.com. Microsites provide great flexibility and serve as topic-based websites containing 3-30 pages of specific content that engage visitors. It is essential to include a specific call to action on each page. The primary purpose of a microsite is to create a unique experience centered around a particular story, often involving multiple products or services. Microsites are particularly beneficial for promoting brand awareness within larger campaigns. A prime example of a successful microsite is Facebook for Business, where a dedicated website has been created to assist small businesses in improving their advertising efforts.

Microsites offer numerous advantages. By providing a comprehensive site, they effectively convey the complete story of your product or service. Additionally, microsites encourage visitors to explore and navigate through multiple pages, increasing the amount of time they engage with your brand. Consequently, this lowers the bounce rate of your site, improving overall user engagement. Furthermore, having a specific URL exclusively for your microsite makes it easier to incorporate the web address in radio, TV, or print advertising. The memorable nature of the microsite address simplifies typing it into a browser, resulting in increased traffic and improved accessibility.

Landing Pages

A landing page is what the name says, It is actually a particular page on a website which is used for a certain purpose i.e. To promote a specific product or service. As it is hosted on your main domain hence its web address will be like www.YourDomain.com/LandingPage or LandingPage.YourDomain.com where the title LandingPage is edited to reflect the product or service which you are promoting. Make sure your landing page is focused on one specific product or service. Landing pages work as single pages which tell the whole story of the product or service you are providing and it also provides a method for people to interact with your brand. People usually download a specific file, subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a free trail, or buy a particular product or service. Your homepage focuses on site navigation while landing pages focus on getting leads and conversions.

Some of the benefits of using landing pages to promote your products or services are:- they are quick to setup, are affordable and can fit in any budget and provide much higher rate of conversion than a general website. Depending on the story you want to tell, they can have small up-front cost. As most landing pages are hosted on your existing domain hence there is not a need to buy new domain name or hosting space.

Why to Choose Jachoos for developing Microsites and Landing Pages?

Jachoos has gained many years of experience in creating Microsites and Landing pages for so many of our clients and helped them to achieve their targets of more visitors, more traffic, more engagement, more conversion and more business. Many of our clients like us as we provide high quality services at very affordable rates. Our expert team of web designers and web developers consists of professionals having experience and expertise in all of the required latest technologies to create microsites and landing pages. Hence if you have any requirement of creating Microsite or Landing Pages, do contact us for best results and guaranteed success in your marketing campaign.

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