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Microsoft SharePoint was first launched in 2001. SharePoint is Microsoft’s one stop content management and collaboration platform which is designed for organizations of all sizes. It looks to implement a content based foundation for everything from document management initiatives to public facing websites. Hence it is one of the top business collaboration resources available today. SharePoint has given the power of collaboration in the hands of the people who require it most i.e your employees. Using SharePoint, your employees can create and manage web based sites for document storage and sharing, also real time collaboration, with access to social software like blogs, social networking etc. SharePoint has both on-premise and hosted versions available.

Since the release of SharePoint 2007, businesses really started to draw the power of online collaboration. Microsoft released the final version of SharePoint in 2016 and it was a major release as SharePoint 2016 includes many new capabilities for end users, Administrators as well as IT professionals. SharePoint Server 2016 is the most reliable, scalable, secure and highest performing SharePoint Server release ever

    Various Jachoos Services for Microsoft SharePoint:-

  • To do planning, design and implementation of the solutions built on SharePoint and .NET platforms.
  • To work on SharePoint Collaboration Sites and Portals.
  • To Work on SharePoint applications as SharePoint comes with many architectural component which can be used to build complex web based applications beyond portals.
  • To do Business intelligence - Reporting and Dashboards.
  • SharePoint Upgrade Assessment.
  • Sharepoint infrastructure planning and setup which includes software, hardware and administration frameworks.

    Why to Choose Jachoos for Microsoft SharePoint Solutions?

    You can go ahead convincingly to deploy Jachoos solutions for Microsoft SharePoint to meet your business critical requirements for simplified collaboration and to enable taking better-informed decisions. These SharePoint solutions also address IT concerns and need for lower cost, simplified management and increased data protection. Below are some of the reasons why to Choose Jachoos’s services for Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

  • Scalability and High Performance
    Jachoos SharePoint Solutions offer cost effective, flexible, scalable and automatic tiered storage for delivering high performance and high capacity. Generally organizations require balancing SharePoint performance, data growth and total cost of ownership which we take care of.
  • Efficiency and Simplicity
    Jachoos provides application aware solutions for Microsoft SharePoint for Microsoft environment to manage SharePoint as a business critical application. We deliver management automation, simplicity and standardization to lower cost, enable IT flexibility and to ensure simple management.
  • Benefit of Virtualization and Cloud
    With Jachoos, you can convincingly take benefit of virtualization and the cloud for SharePoint to ensure application performance, scalability, rapid recovery and regular data availability. No doubt, worker collaboration and productivity is an important success factor for most of the organizations which we take care.
  • SharePoint Experts
    Our team has SharePoint MVPs and .NET certified developers, architects and experts and can work on any Microsoft SharePoint Solution.
  • Benefit of Partnership
    You can host and manage your SharePoint instances on the cloud through partnership with Cloud provider. We make sure you get most benefits of this partnership. Contact us now to see how we can implement a small project for you to show our capabilities. We are confident that using our Microsoft SharePoint Solution, your business will get an upward boost in short period of time.

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