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When it comes to creating awareness about your brand or product, using current effective marketing strategies is vital. They help you connect easily with your target market and set you apart from the competition. Technology has made texts an obsolete mode of reaching prospects as videos are now an effective alternative for the present and the future. While texts can seem difficult for many people to read, a video does wonders in capturing the attention of viewers.

As a business that’s just starting out or that’s promoting a new line of products, having a marketing strategy is essential. One of the promotional tools you can use to raise your company’s profile and drive sales is promotional videos. People want information but want it fast. Videos do just that as they help draw attention to your company or products.

    Elements of a Great Promotional Video

    A promotional video that attracts viewership, encourages shares on the internet and achieves marketing aims has the following traits:

  • It relates with viewers personally to create a bond
  • It features movement which is essential to keeping viewers engaged
  • It makes an irresistible offer
  • It predicts questions about a product and answers them
  • It emphasizes benefits and not features
  • It has a clear call to action
  • It closes with a memorable tagline
  • It fits the designed marketing strategy
  • It has high production quality and is short

Key Benefits of a promotional video

Easier communication: A text may be difficult to understand even when accompanied by images. There may be barriers due to grammar, unknown words, style etc. A promotional video makes your message easy to understand.

Wider reach: Statistics have shown that people are likely to share a video than textual content. A promotional video can go viral with thousands or even millions watching it within 24 hours.

Videos entertain: Many people feel bored reading a text. Videos make it easy for you to pass your message as your prospect feel entertained and educated at the same time. This helps associate positive feelings to your brand or product.

Perfect for demo: Research has shown that more people are likely to purchase a product after watching a video than after reading a text. A video is perfect to explain any product and service in a short time.

Longer benefits: An advert often becomes obsolete with time. A viral video on the other hand retains its freshness and appeal for several years so you can continue to benefit from it.

Why Choose JachOOs™ for your promotional videos?

Promotional videos can perform badly and have bad engagement if the idea, script or production quality is not right. Get professional assistance at JachOOs™ and watch our promotional video experts translate your product or brand into a video that attracts and engages your audience.

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