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Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud computing offering which provides users with access to a vendor’s cloud based software. In this model, users don’t need to install applications on their local device. Instead, the software applications reside on a remote cloud network or the servers and accessed through internet. Using this type of SaaS application, users can store and analyze the data and can collaborate on the projects.

    Key Features of SaaS Cloud Hosting:-

  • SaaS vendors provide users with a software and application via a subscription model.
  • Users don’t need to install, manage or upgrade software as SaaS provider do all of these tasks.
  • SaaS cloud hosting offers more security to data as it is in the cloud. Also any equipment failure does not result in data loss.
  • SaaS offers scalability as the resources required can be scaled as per the service requirements.
  • Software Applications can be accessed from almost any device which is connected to the internet and from anywhere in the world.

Some of the examples of SaaS are:- Google Apps, Office 365, Netflix, Ciso WebEx, Salesforce etc.

    Fields where SaaS can be used by enterprises:-

  • Planning.
  • Communications including webmail and messaging.
  • Tracking Sales
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Accounting and invoicing.

SaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing i.e. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

SaaS actually removes the need for organizations to install and run application on their own computers in their own data centers. This removes the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance as well as software licensing, installation and support.

    Benefits of SaaS Cloud Hosting:-

  • No initial or future Harware Costs and the processing power is supplied by the Cloud provider.
  • No initial Setup costs and the applications are ready to use once the user subscribes
  • SaaS based solutions and applications are scalable in nature as the additional storage or services can be accessed on demand without any need to install new software and hardware.
  • With SaaS hosting, you will get free of charge updates of the installed and used softwares and services which will be done automatically by the software provider.
  • With SaaS, you pay for what you use only. This is very beneficial when something is only required for a short period of time. SaaS based applications can be accessed on any device such as desktops, smart phones and tablets through the use of internet.

    Different Types of SaaS Cloud Hosting:-

  • ERP & Business Applications
  • CRM Applications
  • Project Management

Why to Choose Jachoos for SaaS Cloud Hosting?

    Jachoos SaaS services are available to help you in your business growth. We offer these features:-

  • Easier Administration and Management to help you.
  • Automatic Application updates and maintenance.
  • Compatibility as all users have the same version of software.
  • Global Accessibility.
  • License software.
  • 24*7 full technical and customer support.
  • Easier collaboration

We understand that it is not easy for any organization to shift all of their softwares and applications to a SaaS supported environment. Therefore we offer comprehensive SaaS hosting solutions so that businesses of all sizes and shapes can continue with their business activities without any issue. If you go for Jachoos’s SaaS hosting services then you will get a ultra-modern IT infrastructure with customized support and a scalable hosting environment.

We have a team of experienced and expert professionals therefore we provide the server infrastructure, support and the guidance which are required to design fully Scalable SaaS solution. This helps our clients to implement their software in our cloud easily. Moreover, they can do this quickly and at a very low cost. With these benefits, we help our clients to grow their business and get superior ROI. Hence for all kinds of SaaS cloud hosting requirements just get in touch with Jachoos and get excellent quality and most reliable services at most competitive rates.

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