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Anyone can make an attempt at writing a song, but writing a song with lyrics that sound right is not so common. Indeed, song writing is hard. It could be getting the lyrics for a song you have an idea/melody about or getting your creativity turned on to translate the snippets in your mind to perfectly crafted verses, bridge and chorus. In a world where many people are interested in music, writing a memorable song is very important to stand out from the crowd.

Other times, writing a song is not the only issue. There’s also the problem of singing the song you have written. We are all not gifted with the kind of voice we wish for. There’s just a type of voice that fits every kind of music and you may not have it even though you need it.

In all this, it makes perfect sense to look for a creative song writer or a great singer to give voice to your lyrics.

    Some elements of a great song include:

  • Melody: A great song has a tune that’s memorable (or aptly put ‘catchy’)
  • Beat and Rhythm: A great song has a unique beat that makes listener ‘feel’ the song
  • Genre and Style: Every great song fits into a genre and has a peculiar style
  • Concept: This refers to the story behind the song
  • Hook: This is the part of the song that sticks in the listener’s mind for long (memorable)
  • Lyrics: These are the wordings of the song which often rhymes in sections of the song
  • Song sections: A great song has sections like intro, break, bridge, chorus etc

Key Benefits of a singer-song writer

Connect with your listeners: A great song helps you connect with your listeners as it resonates with them. It builds an emotional connection that turns listeners to fans.

Create desired effect: Songs are powerful and can stir the deepest emotions of humans. Writing a song or singing can help create the desired effect e.g. love, loyalty, hope etc

Complements project: A song can bring a different flavour to a project like documentary, movies, theatre etc. A song can help drive home the goal of your project.

Drives engagement: A great song drives engagement as it can attracts likes and shares which can make it go viral easily

Why choose JachOOs™ for your singer-songwriter services?

Are you looking for a songwriter or a singer that can give voice to your lyrics? At JachOOs™, we have experienced songwriters that can translate your ideas into a compelling musical piece. Our singers have trained their voices to sing your song just the way you like it.

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