Effective Web Designing Tips to Improve Website Traffic

Before discussing the tips for web designing, let us answer a few questions. Does your website lack enough traffic? Is your website’s bounce rate high? Does your website take...

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June 10, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Is Digital Marketing Feasible For Startups?

An immediate response to this question can only be affirmative, for which there are so many palpable reasons. Primarily, one should comprehend the idiosyncratic characteristics that distinguish traditional marketing...

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December 20, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Data protection and online privacy

EU data protection rules guarantee the protection of your personal data whenever they are collected – for example, when you buy something online, apply for a job, or request...

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May 27, 2018, Written by 0 comment

New domain name extensions – 7 rules to “get” them

Since February 2014 until now (February 2016) 67.343 people have registered a .guru domain name. How is it possible? Look: .Guru was one of the first new domain name...

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September 7, 2015, Written by 0 comment

Considered social media as a change management channel

Today’s world is moving at an ever increasing pace. New technologies, opportunities, threats all force companies to have the ability to be able to change rapidly in order to...

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September 5, 2015, Written by 0 comment

Prepare for fake news algorithm updates

Back in 2010, Google was getting beaten up in the media for the increasing amount of “content farm” clutter in the search results. That negative press was so overwhelming...

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May 7, 2015, Written by 0 comment

Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media

Animated video is an engaging instrument that can help you tell your story more comprehensively. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain...

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February 24, 2015, Written by 0 comment