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Technical Writings

While the world continues to make advancements towards simplicity in all spheres, the underlying processes that births such simplicity maybe complex. This means that there’s the need to document these complex technical processes as a report for people without the technical knowledge. Technical writing must be able to communicate the ideas and processes of a technical staff to a less technical reader.

    Examples of technical writings include:

  • Instruction manual
  • Policy manual
  • Guide manuals
  • User manuals
  • Reports of analysis
  • Proposals
  • Technical reports
  • White paper and case studies
  • User interface text
  • Instructions for assembling a product
  • Executive summary statements, etc.

Is Technical writing Different from Other types of writing?

Technical writing requires a style that’s different from other types of writing such as fictional writing, content writing, business copywriting and others. Other types of writing may be to entertain, educate or sell a product. Technical writing focuses on clearly explaining complex information in an easy way that readers without the technical knowledge can understand.

Key Benefits of Technical Writing

Make complex information simple: Being an expert in an industry makes it difficult to write for anyone except those in the same industry. Technical writing explains a complex piece of information and processes in simple words.

Aids communication: Words are often not enough to explain information. The human mind grasps illustrations faster. Technical writing employs the use of carefully selected words and graphics to convey the desired information to readers.

Improve a product: Sometimes, the problem with a product is not the product itself but the description. A good service or product may attract low sales if buyers cannot understand how it works. Quality technical writing makes a product appear better because of the clarity of description or instructions.

Saves cost and time: The style of a technical writing emanates from the user perspective and not manufacturer perspective. This makes it easy for the writing to address all the questions and concerns the user may have. Consequently, it reduces the call to your company’s support for help.

Reduced documentation:Effective technical writing explains complex processes concisely without sacrificing quality. Wordiness reduces attraction to a product and creates doubles printing costs. Technical writing helps avoid that.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Technical writing services

Seasoned technical writers understand the qualities of a great technical piece and can weave the qualities seamlessly into any writing. JachOOs™ has professional technical writers that are ready to research your product, analyse the information, write a thorough, yet concise technical writing while paying attention to clarity. We create technical writings that are easy for anyone to understand.

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