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Every company or business needs to maintain an accurate record of its communication and proceedings. This is to forestall issues related to disputes and lawsuits. Since many meetings and negotiations are conducted orally, there’s the need for record and transcription of the audio files. This helps create a textual file of audio and video meetings for future referencing.

Audio transcription is vital and can be helpful in several scenarios. An individual may get an inspiration for a book chapter or song lyrics or record sessions in classes etc. Converting the audio files to written text verbatim helps document the audio or video files.

Key Benefits of transcription

Accessibility: People with hearing impairment cannot access an audio file. A textual transcript enables them have access to the same quality of information available on the audio file.

Archive: For businesses, having a record of its meetings is vital. Since taking notes during such sessions may be slow, it makes sense to record and convert the audio files to a textual file that can be stored and easily referenced.

Creativity: Individuals may have a burst of ideas but have problems putting them into writing. They can record audios and have it converted into textual format for further development and editing.

Qualities of a professional transcriptionist

A professional agency or transcriptionists possesses the following qualities:

Multitasking skill: Few people can do two things efficiently at the same time. Transcription requires listening attentively to an audio file while at the same time accurately typing what is heard. Absence of this skill may lead to slow speed or even poor transcription.

Ability to research: Sometimes, audio files are just not audible enough. Some words may be wrongly pronounced or there’s use of technical jargons. Rather than type anything that comes to mind, it’s better to research and identify the words that were not clear or loud enough.

Speed and accuracy: Audio file are typically lengthy and transcribing them also consume a lot of time. Consequently, speed and accuracy are invaluable necessities.

Confidentiality: Audio files are delicate as they may contain information of important meetings or intellectual property. It’s important that there is no leak of any information from the audio files

Why to choose JachOOs™ for Transcription services

At JachOOs™, we have invested in professional transcriptionists to make sure that they deliver top-notch services. We guarantee full confidentiality with a special emphasis on accuracy. You can count on us for fast, reliable, and error free transcription service.

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