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What is a web server and Why you need a dedicated server?

September 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

A physical computer or other piece of hardware known as a web server is used to transmit content or provide services to end users through the Internet. It is made up of a hardware server, an operating system, and software; these elements work together to speed up HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) communication. Simply put, a web server makes it possible for both consumers and organizations to access the World Wide Web and further guarantees simple online accessibility.

Web servers offer a number of benefits, particularly in a development environment. When it comes to production hosting situations, such a server becomes a crucial necessity. Because of this, a web server is now a necessary component for a website to function at its peak level.

A dedicated server is a physical server that a person or business uses only for web hosting purposes. Dedicated servers are typically rented from dedicated server providers. By selecting this infrastructure, you can have your “own” actual server as opposed to a shared virtual server that could have hundreds of other users on the same physical server. If you choose a dedicated server hosting platform for your company’s website, it will be more dependable and stable than a shared hosting environment. JachOOs is an affordable dedicated server hosting provider. Here are five of the main justifications for selecting a dedicated server for your web hosting.

Better Performance

Dedicated servers offer a unique, dedicated operating system with minimal resource contention. Your use of the server is the only use that it has. This means that compared to a cloud server, your dedicated server will provide greater performance and speedier applications.

The resources on a cloud or shared server are distributed among all of the users on that specific server. Instead of delivering effective resources, cloud servers are made to give you greater storage and virtual resources. A dedicated server is a superior option to host your website if you’re trying to set up a high-performance hosting solution.


The most economical choice and the one that offers the best long-term value is a dedicated server. A dedicated server will offer significantly more in terms of resources and the number of clients you can serve at any given moment than a cloud server, despite the fact that cloud servers first appear to be less expensive.

Everything, including network maintenance and server hardware provision and maintenance, will be taken care of by your dedicated server provider. Since you are renting the server from the provider, they are also in charge of handling any problems that arise. You can avail the service from JachOOs, the most affordable dedicated server hosting provider.

Customization of hardware for business requirements

You have the option to modify the hardware when choosing a dedicated server. All hardware can be customized, whether it’s more RAM, more hard drive space, or an even faster CPU. Additionally, if your business grows and you find that you need additional resources, you may get in touch with your server provider and ask for an upgrade.

Flexible usage

Dedicated servers are incredibly flexible and can be used for many different applications. Running a web hosting environment is the most typical application for a dedicated server, but other uses include database storage and access, unique virtualization setups, VPNs, email servers, and more.

Better security

As the name implies, you are the sole user of your dedicated server. A cloud server raises the danger of data loss, intrusion, and interception because the server is shared by all the clients who reside on that specific physical server and you are not the only user who can log in. In other words, a dedicated server is considerably secure for your data than a cloud server.

Avail the best dedicated server hosting at JachOOs

The hardware we employ for our dedicated servers is something we are really proud of. To protect your data to the fullest extent, all of our servers come standard with two hard drives that are equipped for RAID1. We only utilize the most recent and rigorously tested Blade servers made by SuperMicro. ensuring that even if one hard disc entirely fails, your data will still be secure and your server will continue to function. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and want to make sure that every programmer feels at home.


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