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5 Brilliant Logo Designs & their exciting Background Stories

February 2, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Last night on Youtube, I happened to see a video about the interestingly expanded borders of London. Not very late, I saw another video explaining the logo of the British Museum. Logos! They are designed to represent their respective brands. A logo designing service must be capable of producing intriguing designs as the logo is something that contributes to the brand value.


It is interesting to look at the way the logo designers incorporate brand names and their products to the logo. But some logos don’t stop there. The designers put even higher efforts to include something more to the logo. This can be a message, a geographical connection, an emotional connection, a motto or even the purpose as such. A digital marketing company would need cross-department collaboration to achieve this.


What Makes a Brilliant Logo?

A logo designing service provider should ensure certain qualities that’s required for a good logo. A good logo must be relevant to the purpose and aesthetic. It must be easy to comprehend. At least one layer of information should be readily available for the viewer. Adding extra layers can generate curiosity.


Brand logos must be simple in looks and easily memorable. The customers should be able to register the logo in their memory within the first few encounters. Some logos even have that ability to get registered in the first encounter itself.  Apart from all these, the relevance of the logo should not fade as the time flies. For this, the designer should work on a timeless design. Indeed, logos will not directly contribute to the social media optimization service in boosting the brand. However, they can contribute to the goodwill of the brand.

5 Logos of  Brilliance

I know there are many more logos with multiple layers. But these are the prestigious 5 in my list of brilliant logos. Along with the logos, I am discussing the story behind them as well. Hope it will be exciting for you as well.


No! The current logo of Amazon is nowhere near to the first one. It was just a solid letter ‘A’ with a thick white river-like formation in the middle. Interestingly, Amazon had another name when it started as a book company, Cadabra. However, the name was changed soon due to less appeal. Coming back to the logo, the first logo had only one year of life. It was changed to something similar to the present logo but with the letters in uppercase.


In the third modification the Amazon logo became all lower case like the current one but there was only an orange underline instead of the smile. However, with two more modifications they arrived at the present logo. Needless to say, that last update was brilliant enough to stay for years. The smile represents the satisfaction of customers and its secondary function as an arrow from A to Z representing the comprehensive nature of Amazon services which also helped them a lot in their strategic social media marketing. Indeed, one among the most brilliant logos ever.



Another equally brilliant addition to the prestigious list.The name ‘Cisco’ came from the founding city of the company, that is San Francisco. And the founders’ love for the city doesn’t end there. The logo indeed represents electromagnetic signals which represent the nature of their service, which is networking. But it also represents the iconic golden gate situated none other than San Francisco. Indeed, a brilliant design!


Tour de France

Even though not a business as such, the Tour de France indeed brings lots of business every season. And the logo, it represents the prestigious race in a calligraphic approach. The word ‘tour’ in the logo forms a cyclist on a bicycle with the ‘our’ part. Not just that, the design also has a yellow solid circle to complete the front tyre of the bicycle. This yellow solid circle is actually representing the sun to indicate the race happens only in the daylight. More than incorporating a message in a layered approach, this entered the list for its brilliance of calligraphic approach.



Sony Vaio is yet another example of Sony’s keenness in logo designing. Sony Ericsson logo, being the other one, beautifully incorporated the letters s and e in their spherical logo in an aesthetically pleasing way. Brilliant! But the brilliance in Vaio ensign is on another level. The logo not only beautifully crafted the name. It also represents an analog wave and a digital binary as well. A superb design worth all praises. Even the top web development companies, media giants, It solution companies or any other tech companies couldn’t match the brilliance of this logo till date.


The London Museum

Yes! Finally coming to where we started. The spark for this blog. The London Museum. How exciting it is to see a museum incorporating history in the best possible way in their logo! Yes! The vibrant background of the logo tells us a story. A story about the change in the area of London throughout history. Including the islands. Wow! The perfect way to design a logo for a museum. If not this, what else would inspire me to write on this. Not just me, this should inspire all the logo designing service providers out there.


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