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Artificial intelligence support mobile app development

April 15, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a software technology that gives machines the ability to act and respond to commands the way humans do. It helps machines to understand the human behavior and needs based on previous user experience and interactions. Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology these days that is behind the functioning of most electronic gadgets, mobile phones, internet and much more than we can think of. It highly supports the development of mobile apps, which has been a growing trend among ecommerce businesses and organizations.

How does AI assist app development?

Here are a few ways in which Artificial Intelligence can aid the development of custom mobile apps for android and iOS.

User analysis: The major aim of a mobile app is to reduce the gap between the user and the service by providing direct access without the barrier of distance. But it is not easy to analyze whether an app is really being useful to the customer or not. Here is where AI can be really helpful for app developers to understand user engagement of each mobile app. Based on this analysis they can make necessary changes to upgrade the functionality of the software.

Data management: For managing an app effectively, there is a need to handle and analyze large amounts of data. It is a laborious task for humans to manage these entire data on a timely basis. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can easily process large data and take appropriate decisions based on them in the way humans do.

Customization: Artificial intelligence allows mobile apps to provide customized experience to users based on their previous user history and the feedbacks they provide. It is humanly impossible to study the feedbacks of thousands of users and cater to their personalized needs. AI makes it possible to record the user history for any amount of time to make necessary changes in the future updates.

Situation based feedback: AI has made it possible for mobile apps to send context driven feedback to users for decision making. AI powered apps can sense the user’s location, time etc. and make required recommendations from time-to-time for better experience. For example apps like Zomato and Swiggy can make good hotel recommendations based on your location, each time of the day and feedbacks provided by previous customers.

Connect with users better: By analyzing large amounts of data, mobile apps can connect with users on a better level. It assists in storing the user’s behavior and gives them more control over using the app and its services. An app can be said to be functional only if it helps businesses and organizations to connect with the users in a better way. This will be possible only if the app gives the desired result to the users and makes their life more comfortable.


The impact of AI in upgrading user experience is very much significant in the development of mobile apps. However, the integration of AI in mobile app development still has to go a long way. With the rapid evolution of technology and the integration of various technologies in various sectors, we wouldn’t have to wait much more to witness great achievements in the field of mobile app development. The coming decade will surely undergo tremendous developments in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in all areas of human activity.


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