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Major Advantages of WordPress

April 4, 2022, Written by 0 comment

WordPress is a robust yet free content management system (CMS) with a wide range of capabilities for building truly remarkable company websites. The platform has come a long way since its inception in 2003, and it has now established itself as a trustworthy web development option for professional websites and e-commerce enterprises. It’s unsurprising that this platform now powers over 32% of all websites. Despite stiff competition in the CMS space, WordPress maintains its dominance, thanks to an incredible set of capabilities. Here are a handful of the many benefits of using this web development platform.

Flexible and adaptable

Though WordPress was created with the intention of supporting blogging and other forms of online publishing, it now runs a diverse range of websites. WordPress is used to manage small enterprises, handle sophisticated websites for major international corporations, and generate personal blogs. WordPress sites can host full-service eCommerce businesses, portfolios, social networks, groups, and podcasts, among other things. The core WordPress package, as well as a range of basic and premium plugins that are ideal for your site, can meet any company’s needs. WordPress is also infinitely flexible to a company’s changing demands because of its many themes and easy access to its source files.


Even if you are not a WordPress developer or you don’t have any technical knowledge, a WordPress site can be set up and running in a matter of minutes. A domain name and a web hosting account are all that is required of a user. WordPress may be downloaded and installed for free from WordPress.org or through your WordPress hosting provider. From there, an easy-to-use Admin dashboard provides all of the tools needed to personalize a site’s heading and style, as well as to begin producing pages and articles straight away.

Multiple theme options

Because of its extensive and increasing directory of free and premium themes, WordPress themes offer users a variety of options for fine-tuning the design and features of a new site. Many of them may be found in the WordPress theme directory and countless more can be purchased from design marketplaces and third-party designers all around the world. To change the style and layout of a WordPress site, themes may be evaluated online and installed at any time.

Multiple theme WordPress website


Plugins extend functionality

WordPress comes with everything you need to make a basic website, but many users desire more specialized features tailored to their needs. Hundreds of plugins, small pieces of code that perform specific tasks, are available in the WordPress plugin directory, allowing users to add features like shopping carts, galleries, contact forms, and more to any compatible WordPress site. Hundreds of unique plugins created by third-party developers are also available for purchase and installation. As a site matures, plugins can be activated, deactivated, and deleted as needed.

Rank high on search engines

When it comes to ranking well on Google and other search engines, searchability is crucial. Because WordPress sites are continuously updated and because WordPress contains a variety of tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO, they tend to score high for their keywords.

Mobile responsive

Google considers mobile responsiveness when ranking websites, so make sure yours looks great on any screen. WordPress comes with a number of responsive theme options, and users can also utilize plugins and theme files tweaks to make a static site adaptable.


Mobile responsive WordPress website


Built-in blog

Because WordPress is a content management system, it provides a variety of tools that make it simple to publish material. One of them is a “built-in” blog function that can be viewed from any device, at any time, eliminating the need for users to build their own blog. As a result, even non-blogging sites can use the blog feature to post updates and announcements.

The WordPress community offers support

WordPress is backed by WordPress-loving communities all over the world since it’s free and open source. This WordPress-loving community is in charge of updating and securing the source files as well as keeping WordPress up to date. The WordPress community also does a lot of user outreach, such as hosting WordPress camps all around the world and assisting local WordPress user organizations in their growth.

Top-notch WordPress Development Service

Jachoos is one of the leading WordPress development services globally. We have been developing WordPress-based websites for many years and have created a wide range of websites, from small blogs to large websites with hundreds of pages. We have a highly skilled team of WordPress developers who are experts not only in using and implementing WordPress but also in customizing its themes and plugins. For our customers, we’ve adapted and built a number of WordPress plugins. Our expert developers can create high-quality WordPress websites at a reasonable cost. If you need a WordPress website, Jachoos can provide you with the highest quality WordPress site.


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