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WordPress is a popular and widely used content management system (CMS) that is free and open source. It is built on PHP and MySQL, and it has gained significant market share since its launch in 2003. In fact, approximately 29% of all websites on the internet have been created using WordPress. While it started primarily as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved over the years and can now be used to develop websites of various types, including blogging, news, travel, e-commerce, finance, and more. Thanks to its extensive range of built-in features and benefits, WordPress has become the trusted CMS platform for millions of website owners. At Jachoos, we specialize in WordPress development and have successfully built numerous websites for clients worldwide.

Why to Choose WordPress Platform?

    Key Advantages of Open Source Technologies:-

  • WordPress is Easy to Install and Use
    WordPress is easy to set up and install means you can save lots of development time and money. WordPress has an intuitive user interface which makes everyone to use it without any issue or problem even if someone has not enough of the technical knowledge. This means after the website is complete from our end even you can add new pages, posts, images, videos, contents etc easily and quickly.
  • WordPress is Open Source
    WordPress is an open source platform therefore it brings many advantages. Firstly it is free to use therefore adds cost advantage to your website. Secondly if you want to customize WordPress then you can do so easily as its code is available online. You can even modify the WordPress themes and plugins to create amazing experience for the website visitors.
  • Thousands of Themes and Plugins available
    WordPress offers thousands of themes and plugins in its repository online. If you want your website to look different than that of your competitors then certainly you can use a different theme. You can even customize the themes to exactly match your specific requirements. You can even add as much functionality as you want to your site by installing the available plugins.
  • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly
    WordPress source code is very clean and simple hence it can be easily read and indexed by search engines. WordPress websites are highly search engine friendly that’s why they are at top of the search results. You can even install plugins to increase the SEO friendliness features in your WordPress site.

Why to Choose Jachoos?

Jachoos has been developing WordPress based websites since many years and has built all kinds of websites ranging from small blogging websites to large websites with hundreds of pages. We have a highly skilled team of WordPress developers which is expert not only in utilizing and implementing WordPress, its themes and plugins but also in customizing them. We have customized and developed many WordPress plugins for our customers. Our team is capable of producing high quality WordPress websites at affordable rates. We understand that each of our clients has specific requirements hence we offer custom and tailor made solutions specific to your business. If you are looking for a WordPress website then you can contact Jachoos for best quality WordPress site.

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