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Dedicated and VPS Server

If you want to have your business website then choosing the right web host is an important decision. Without a host your website won’t work as there won’t be a place to save all of the necessary files which are needed to display your website. You have some options when you are choosing a web host for e.g. Basic shared hosting plans, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and Dedicated Hosting. We offer all of these plans and you can select the plan as per your needs.

VPS Hosting

In a VPS Hosting, the resources of the server are split between different websites or hosting accounts. You can compare it to a home computer that has many different users, which use the computer system in different ways. Virtual Private Servers are available options in both high end and low end segment and the cost generally ranges from $20/month to $100/month. VPS servers generally have one or two hosting environments which you can choose from hence they lack the actual customization or dedicated hosts. This also means easier setup for those who have basic websites.

This type of hosting is good for the sites which are simple and don’t receive huge amount of traffic. You can imagine VPS hosting as a perfect solution for those who need root access on a server but don’t want the expense of a full dedicated server.

If you don’t like the offerings of basic shared hosting and you want a little more control over your host then VPS hosting is right fit for you but If you want a more advanced host with extensive customization options then you can go for dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is a server which is dedicated to your own personal use. You will get the rights to all of the resources of that computer system and you will get the right to configure the hosting environment as per your wish. Dedicated hosts are mostly useful and worth if you are receiving over half million visitors per month and also have required technical staff to maintain and optimize your server.

Among many options of hosting you need to select the one which is best fit as per your needs of website. There is no right and wrong in this space. Hence understand the requirement and situation carefully about what kind of hosting support you need before you go for a web host.

Dedicated servers are always more expensive hence it is generally a good idea to start with a VPS until your company is attracting huge traffic and generating enough revenue to support the high cost of a dedicated server.

    Features of VPS Hosting:-

  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Root Access
  • Scalable Hosting
  • Multiple Choice of OS
  • 24/7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring

    Features of Dedicated Hosting:-

  • High Reliability
  • High security
  • 100% Dedicated Resources for you
  • Customization
  • Advanced Technical Support

We offer VPS Hosting as well as Dedicated Hosting. You can choose the one which best fits for your requirements.

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