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Short Video Ads

Videos have become an integral part of digital marketing strategies. Its advantage over written texts to hold the attention of viewers for a longer duration has earned it top spot in the techniques of creating awareness about a brand and its products. However, in an ever changing digital world where the attention span of the average viewer is getting shorter, it’s vital that brands come up with new ways to reach their audience with short and engaging content.

This need has led to evolution and meteoric rise of short video ads in recent years. Short video ads are videos that perform the function of a usual video advert within seconds e.g. 10-15 seconds. This may seem like a huge task but it is not an insurmountable one.

Why short video ads have become necessary

Studies have shown that the attention span of the average individual is only about 8 seconds. Furthermore, many internet users today are ignoring ads as they are barraged with up to 5, 000 ads per day. This has given rise to the use of ad blockers on several browsers as users have no interest in ads popping up on their feed.

With several online giants like YouTube opting for short video ads, short video ads are now the trend for businesses that want to remain within the view of their target audience without causing disturbance.

Key Benefits of Short video ads

Memorable: Since short video ads have a shorter duration, a lot of creativity is invested in them to make them easy for customers to remember.

More engaging: Unlike long video ads that are witnessing decline in engaging customers, short video ads engage customers better because they are short and pass the message within seconds. This lowers the rate at which users skip the ads.

Cost effective: Unlike making long videos to advertise products, businesses can now make use of short video ads to reach their customers. Short video ads generally cost little to produce compared to usual video ads

Brand awareness: Short video ads are a great way to create brand awareness. Businesses can use this marketing technique to remain in the spotlight and reinforce the qualities of their brand or products.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your short video ads?

Short video ads require a lot of creativity and hard work to properly get the attention of viewers and pass the message all within few seconds. At JachOOs™, we have professionals in the video niche that can help create awareness for your brand and products using short video ads.

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