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As internet usage all around the globe soars, more websites are being developed today. Businesses are leveraging this tool to showcase their products with a desire to employ unique ways that can give them an edge over competitors. One of the vital online strategies is spokesperson videos. Spokespersons videos are internet videos placed on the homepage of websites. They perform several functions such as greeting online visitors, communicating messages or enhancing their experience on the site.

Research has proven that websites who use spokesperson videos record higher engagement than websites that don’t. A spokesperson video can also help up-sell or cross-sell during a key step in customer journey.

    Some of the qualities a spokesperson should possess are:

  • An impeccable delivery
  • A contagious charisma
  • A commanding presence
  • Ability to think fast and respond fast
  • A willingness to receive directions
  • A connection to the brand/product

    To achieve high engagements on a website, a good spokesperson video should have the following elements:

  • The video should emotionally connect with your target audience
  • The video should focus on the customer
  • The video should be brief, get to the point and be easy to comprehend
  • The video should project the brand and build trust
  • The video should have a high production value

Key Benefits of Spokesperson video

Emotional connection: A spokesperson video adds a human touch to your website. Instead of only texts and images, spokesperson videos present your company as relatable which helps build emotional connection.

Easy navigation: A spokesperson on your company’s website can help make your site easy to navigate as it explains where a visitor should go for what they want to find. It prevents confusion and helps customers save time.

First impression: A first time impression about your business lasts long. A spokesperson video presents your company as customer friendly and a professional one since studies show that people respond to visual and auditory cues.

Higher engagements: A website that uses spokesperson videos records higher engagements than websites than don’t. The videos can be used to explain why a customer should make a decision during a key stage in customer journey.

Higher rankings: A compelling spokesperson video can help lower your bounce rate and keep visitors on your site longer which is good for your SEO rankings.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your spokesperson videos services?

At JachOOs™, we have an extensive pool of professional talents you can choose from for your spokesperson videos. We offer professional and high quality production services that will engage and persuade your website visitors.

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