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Every project manager wants the enterprise they work for to be successful but they can’t be successful without using any software that works to its best of the ability. Therefore it is also important to ensure that software product updates are smoothly integrated so that they can utilize the updated and latest features. SaaS project management or the delivery of project management software can help in achieving this.

Software as as service (SaaS) also called “on demand software”, allows software to be licensed and delivered online to your business computers from a convenient, centrally hosted cloud network. Means SaaS Project Management refers to the delivery of project management software on demand, in a cloud computing environment.

SaaS project management software streamlines your business by providing latest tools designed to efficiently manage projects throughout all of its stages. SaaS project management software covers a wide range of effective tools which improve the daily functionality of your business.

SaaS Project Management applications provide comprehensive tools for managing projects from start to finish: including bug tracking and ticketing, online chat, change management, virtual meeting rooms, contract management tools, cost and budget tracking, custom templates, dashboards and custom reporting, invoicing, document sharing and collaboration tools, online timesheets, online expense tracking, project scheduling, resource management, task management and workflow management capabilities.

    Key Advantages of SaaS Project Management Software:-

    Nowadays SaaS Project management tools are very popular and used by so many companies around the world. Let’s check their key advantages.

  • SaaS Project Management is a popular alternative to the on-premise project management tools which has some limitations for remote clients.
  • SaaS Project Management applications actually removes all the barriers to team collaboration as the project team members can contribute to a project from anywhere in the world using a internet connection.
  • They also provide project team members with real time access to a centralized repository of assets and information of project and removes the synchronization issues which frequently faced in on-premise project management software installations.
  • Saas Project Management tools also provide a great cost advantage over traditional on-premise project management applications. Running project management applications in the cloud helps SaaS vendors like Jachoos to distribute development and maintenance costs for their SaaS offerings over time, allowing them to deliver their services to clients at affordable prices.
  • SaaS project management clients never have to worry about the cost of software maintenance or upgrades as they are handled by the SaaS vendor like us.
  • SaaS project management tools are very attractive for start-ups and small businesses who generally find that the on-premise project management software solutions are too costly.
  • SaaS Project Management tools are easy for everyone to use and require very little training.
  • They also offer high scalability as clients can easily expand the capabilities of their chosen cloud based project management tool, by upgrading their plan or by buying additional services from their cloud computing services provider.

We at Jachoos understand all of your requirements therefore we offer the best in quality SaaS cloud based Project Management Solution which offers all of the above advantages. Hence if you have any requirement of SaaS Project Management Solution then do contact us today and get ahead of competition easily.

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