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With the soaring popularity of Google-owned YouTube on the internet, a lot is changing in the video and animation production niche. Out of the several types of music videos that have sprung up, lyric and music videos is prominent with record labels seizing the opportunity of this new type of content. Lyric and music videos are videos that show the lyrics of the song on the screen as the song is played instead of conventional motion pictures.

Lyric and music videos are a new way for record labels to get more content out of their brands by putting words on a screen to gain large viewership till their audience can get their hands on the real thing. Businesses can also use it for their adverts on television.

    Some types of lyric and music videos production are:

  • Lyrics over a video footage
  • Lyrics over pictures, textures, solids
  • Lyrics over CGI (3D models background)
  • Lyrics with zero animation (simple fade-ins)
  • Lyrics captured directly by using camera directly on texts etc.

Key Benefits of Lyric and Music videos

Low cost: Compared to conventional music videos, lyric and music videos are inexpensive. There’s no need for cameras, props, lighting and several other music videos necessities which makes it cheaper to produce.

More views: Trends have shown that fans enjoy watching lyrics and music video as evident by the views on YouTube. Compared to audio releases, lyric and music videos garner more views and shares on social media.

Build momentum: A record label that’s working on its official videos can release lyric and music videos as a way to build momentum. It helps fans learn the lyrics before the official release.

Breaks monotony: Musical audios are great but can be dull for some fans. With the help of animation, lyric and music videos break the monotony that comes with watching an audio release with a static background.

Good for adverts: If creatively done, lyric and music videos are a good way to advertise products. The use of music coupled with lyrics of different fonts can be a good way to grab the attention of viewers.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your lyric and music videos?

Creating a lyric and music video that garners views and shares takes more than placing the lyrics on the screen. It has to be entertaining and interesting to hold the attention of viewers. At JachOOs™, we have a team of professionals who are on standby to help you create a lyric and music video that can promote your new single, brand or product.

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