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Sound Effects

Sound effect (also known as audio effect) is an artificial reproduction of sound to supply realism and emphasize artistic content in television, games, radio and motion pictures. Sound effect has become the unsung hero of today’s production as it’s hardly noticed when used. However, its absence is easily noticed because sound is natural to the human hears. It’s evident that sound is ubiquitous – even in a quiet room.

Sound effect helps create sounds that would otherwise have been dangerous (or expensive) to reproduce such as explosions, crashes, shots etc. These sounds (and many more) are recorded to enhance realism and allow for a vast range of effects without having to worry about using sound-producing devices.

    Examples of popular side effects are:

  • DJ sound effects
  • Siren sound effects
  • Vehicle sound effects
  • Explosion sound effects
  • Thunder sound effects
  • Video game sound effects
  • Scary sound effects etc.

Types of sound effects

Isolated sounds: These are everyday sounds such as ticking clock, dogs barking, door slamming, traffic, etc

Specialty effects: These are sounds that are unreal but exist in our imagination. They are commonly added to cartoons, sci-fi and fantasy movies. E.g. space transporter, dragons, etc.

Foley sounds: These are sounds that require careful recording because they synchronize with actions on the screen. E.g. footsteps, punch in the face, rustle of clothing etc.

Background ambiences: These are sounds (tracks) that create the atmosphere for a production e.g. courtroom, church, train station etc.

Key Benefits of sound effect

Simulating reality: Sound effects help convince the mind that an action took place. It helps to simulate reality by creating a corresponding sound to an action e.g. create the sound for gunshot when a character pulls the trigger

Creating illusion: Sound effects are used to create an illusion that an action is happening even though it’s not being captured. For instance, someone parks a car and walks in while the screen shows another person waiting in the house. The sound informs the audience of the background activity.

Mood: Sound effects help create a sound to instill a feeling e.g. anticipation, possible danger, joy etc. In video games, sound effects help the gamer to not only see, but also feel the game. It influences the emotions.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your sound effects services?

Poor sound effects can ruin an excellent production. At JachOOs™, we produce convincing sound effects that ensure that doesn’t happen. We have highly skilled sound editors that can help give your projects the spectacular sound you desire.

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