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Proximity plays a crucial role in business. Customers are likely to call a company that’s just 30 minutes away for their roof repairs than a company that’s 4 hours away. Google has also discovered that customers are narrowing their search to their local area. This is the problem Google places solves. As a business owner, Google Places is an essential service that can help attract clients and boost your business profile.

As users rely on Google for everything, Google Places has become an essential tool that helps them make decisions on products and services. However, getting on Google Places is not enough. If you want to experience significant success, what you need is Google Places Optimization. It places you in a position of advantage over your competitors and help increase the visibility of your business.

    Some local search ranking factors include:

  • Business signals
  • On-page signals
  • Citation signals
  • Review signals
  • Behavioural signals
  • Social signals etc

Key Benefits of Google Places Optimization

Cost effective: Google Places Optimization is a better way to gain visibility and drive lead generation than advertising. The cost of optimizing your business on Google Maps is significantly lower than advertising and produces better results.

Increase visibility: Google Places helps put your business on its maps, but your business may not be visible. Google Places Optimization helps increase the visibility of your site which may lead to more conversions.

Credibility: People are reluctant to try out a new product or service because they fear bad experience. However, Google Places Optimizations boosts your credibility and makes people want to try your business since they trust Google.

Target local market: Google Places Optimization helps you target key local markets for your business. Rather than own a website and attempt to rank globally for some keywords, Google Places helps you rank locally for the business you offer so customers can easily find you when they search.

Higher sales: Compared to advertising, Google Places Optimization increases your chances of driving higher sales. Advertising tries to persuade prospects to buy while Google Places are for prospects that are ready to buy. This translates to more sales.

Why Choose JachOOs™ for your Google Places Optimization services?

According to statistics, 90% of searches on Google are for local services. This presents a tremendous opportunity your business should leverage. At JachOOs™, we understand the importance of having your business on local maps. We have a vast understanding of local map placement strategies and are ready to help your business experience better sales through Google Places Optimization services.

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