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Social Media Optimization

The popularity of the social media has made it necessary for businesses to leverage the platforms to generate leads. This has made social media optimization important and vital to a company’s online business and promotional targets. Social media optimization (SMO) involves creating and increasing awareness of a brand or company on social media websites, blogs and forums.

To achieve overall success, a website must make use of social media optimization strategies. Aside enhancing a company’s presence and promotional efforts, SMO helps create social signals that impacts SEO. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates requires building trust and website authority for SEO ranking, and social media influence helps in that regard.

    Social media optimization encompasses using the following:

  • RSS feeds
  • Social networking sites
  • Bookmarking websites
  • Video and blogging sites

How is Social Media Optimization Different from Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization SEO) refers to the process of implementing strategies and techniques to increase visibility on search engines. SEO makes use of key factors like URL, Domain, Keyword, Backlinks and several other key ranking factors to boost site traffic.

On the other hand, Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the process of increasing the awareness of a product or brand via social media outlets. It makes use of RSS feeds; social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc; video sites like YouTube and several others to boost traffic to a website.

They both aim to increase traffic to a website. But while the former targets search engines, the latter targets social media websites.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Brand awareness: With the popularity of the social media, SMO helps create and increase awareness about a brand or product.

Boost traffic: Social media platforms remain a massive source of traffic. Social Media Optimization is an effective tool to help drive traffic to your website.

Targeted audience: Social media platforms and online communities allow you target key market areas for your advertisements. This makes your adverts more effective than when you use traditional media.

Relationship and loyalty: Making posts or uploading videos creates room for comments which helps companies know what their customers need. Making personalized replies to the comments also helps build relationship with customers and encourages brand loyalty.

SEO ranking: Spamming your links all over the social media can hurt your site in the long run. Social media optimization helps create quality backlinks for your website which boosts your rankings on search engines.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your social media optimization services?

When done correctly, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) can yield many positive results. JachOOs™ offers Social Media Optimization services that will help get your brand right before your prospects and increase the traffic to your site from the social media. Reach to us and watch us transform your business into an effective brand.

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