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Joomla, established in 2005, is a highly popular content management system (CMS) utilized by millions of websites worldwide. It empowers users to effortlessly create various types of websites, ranging from business-oriented to personal ones. Joomla is a feature-rich CMS, offering a wide array of capabilities for developers to build dynamic and enterprise-level applications. Additionally, Joomla provides a vast collection of free plugins and visually appealing templates, enabling businesses to meet their unique requirements and effortlessly construct complex websites.

The benefits of using Joomla CMS are extensive, including the provision of printable page versions, page caching for improved performance, seamless composer integration, RSS feeds, Google ReCAPTCHA integration for enhanced security, collapsible sidebars for a streamlined user experience, support for multiple languages, and much more. At Jachoos, we have successfully delivered numerous Joomla projects to our global clientele, showcasing our expertise in leveraging the power of this versatile CMS.

    Why to Choose Joomla?

    Lets see what all benefits Joomla offers:-
  • It is Easy to Publish Blogs on Joomla
    You don’t need the extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS to use Joomla to create and update websites. Once you used to it, it is quite easy. To update a blog, you just need to copy paste the content and click on the publish button.
  • Powerful and easy menu creation tool
    One of the reasons why Joomla is so popular is its easy menu creation tool. Joomla has the easiest and most powerful menu creation tool.
  • Easy to Customize Joomla Core
    Joomla’s core can be easily changed or customized by anyone with knowledge of PHP language. This is because Joomla’s core code is clear, well written and well documented. Customizing Joomla’s core is sometimes needed to extend or to optimize Joomla.
  • Open Source Infrastructure
    Joomla has been created using PHP programming language and it uses MySQL for data storage. PHP is the most popular open source web scripting language and MySQL is the most powerful and most used open source database. This important decision to use PHP and MySQL has made the developers to support Joomla and to create its new extensions. Joomla is hosted on a Linux server and is served by an Apache web server . All of these things make Joomla extremely open source in its code and infrastructure.
  • Inbuilt SEO Functionality
    Joomla has inbuilt search engine friendly URLs. You just need to enable them to work on your Joomla website. These search engine friendly links bring huge benefits to your SEO efforts. Means Joomla allows you to do the basic SEO yourself.
  • Vibrant and Supportive Community
    Joomla’s community is very vibrant and supportive. If you have any query on Joomla then at the Joomla’s community and forums you can easily get the answer. Joomla has a huge open source community which constantly resolves its member’s issues within short period of time and helps the developers in the Joomla website development process.

Why to Choose Jachoos for Joomla Web Development?

Jachoos is a reputed web development company which combines business standard expertise and holistic approach to deliver customized Joomla web development services. Our highly appreciated Joomla web development services will let your brand stand out in the crowd. We have incredible infrastructure and highly skilled team of professionals that’s why we always develop feature rich Joomla websites for our esteemed clients worldwide. Our creative design and development work solidify your online presence. Jachoos has extensive experience in developing Joomla websites from scratch and helped so many of our clients with our dedicated services from initial project planning to final execution. We design customized Joomla themes and templates and also the admin dashboard with a powerful menu and quick icons. We are a market leader in Joomla Web development and we offer diverse range of services in a most cost-efficient manner.

    Some of the services related to Joomla which Jachoos offers are:-

  • Joomla Website Development
  • Joomla Web Application Development
  • Joomla Extension Development
  • Joomla Theme Development
  • Joomla Customization
  • Joomla Module Development
  • Joomla Maintenance and Support

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