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Mixing and Mastering

A lot of efforts go into producing a track or album. While many people appreciate a beautiful song, not everyone knows how much work goes into it. Aside from writing and composing songs, producing a song requires more efforts. These intricate processes may be unknown to music fans but the effects are can be noticed. One of such vital processes is mixing and mastering.

If you want to produce a track that sounds great and resonates with your audience, quality mixing and mastering is essential. After recording each elements (instruments, singer, etc.) or small group of instruments and vocalists separately, a producer must then painstakingly combine all the elements to produce a great track.

  • Some of the mixing and mastering processes include:
  • Export multi track mix
  • Noise reduction
  • Compression
  • Equalizer adjustment
  • Stereo enhancements etc.

Difference between mixing and mastering

Mixing is the process of organizing and assembling all the multiple layers of audio to produce a final track that listeners can hear clearly. It also involves the process of modifying existing tracks. Mixing is essentially combining all the parts that have been recorded to make sure they fit together, after which the producer adds finishing touches.

On the other hand, Mastering is simply the process of adding sparkle and shine to a track. It involves optimizing the overall sound by compressing, equalizing, making stereo enhancements, or adjusting the reverberation effect of the track.

Key Benefits of Mixing and Mastering

Arrange tracks: Recording an audio often requires different types of recording (singer, instruments etc). After the recording sessions, all the tracks must be carefully arranged so that all the sounds can be distinctly heard.

Improve quality: Mixing and mastering improves the quality of audio sounds. There are many effects (analogue and digital) which can be used to improve the quality and make it sound better than before.

Adjust volumes: Mixing and mastering allows producers to raise or lower the overall volume of tracks so the levels will be constant throughout the album. That way, there will be no need for listeners to constantly adjust the level for each song whether the tracks are played on a car stereo, home stereo or headphones.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your mixing and mastering services

Producing a track or album with the perfect sound output is not an easy task. At JachOOs™, we understand this and that’s why our professional audio engineers are on standby to help you mix and master your song. You will receive a professional quality mixed and mastered track that your fans will love.

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