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Jachoos is a leading company which provides the latest and state of the art IP PBX solution which is an IP Office Telephone System for its clients worldwide. Jachoos has replaced the traditional PBX which is basically a small telephone switch with the IP PBX system. Our IP PBX system is very easy to setup and maintain and it supports easy and comfortable integration with the existing telecommunication system such as PRI, analogue and GSM.

What is IP PBX?

IP PBX or VOIP PBX is a telephone switching system within an enterprise, which distributes calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share some external phone lines. Unlike PBS system which is analogue, the IP PBX uses the Internet Protocol to transmit the calls.

If you want to upgrade your existing PBX system to IP PBX one then it will be very cost efficient as it is done using a software. This high-end technology will simplify your communication infrastructure with ease. The VoIP based IP PBX system will permit you to communicate with your branch offices anywhere in the world with the support of a unified platform and will also enable people to reach you on your extension wherever you are i.e whether at office, home, hotel, park or even traveling. Means using Jachoos’s IP PBX you could be easily reached on your extension even if you are at another branch, place or region.

    Comprehensive Features of IP PBX Solution:-

  • Multiple Extensions
  • Caller ID
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Queue
  • Announcements
  • Music on Hold
  • Follow Me
  • Voice Mail
  • VoiceMail to Email
  • Speed Dialing
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Sequential Ringing
  • Web Account Management Tool

    Benefits of using the IP PBX System by Jachoos

    Jachoos’s IP PBX system offers many calling benefits which help you to further cut down your calling costs. Some of the important benefits of using our IP PBX are as follows:-

  • IP PBX provided by Jachoos is easy to install and configure. The traditional phone systems require some expertise in field of telecom while installing and configuring VoIP based IP PBX system is very easy and anyone having basic knowledge of computers and networking can do this easily.
  • In our IP PBX, web/GUI configurations are easy to do and manage. The traditional phone systems are generally designed for phone technicians whereas the IP PBX phone system can be easily fine-tuned, optimized and installed from a web-based configuration interface or a GUI.
  • Our IP PBX is highly cost efficient hence you can easily use a VoIP provider with IP PBX like us for long distance and international calls.
  • Jachoos’s IP PBX supports portability i.e it eliminates the need for wiring extra ports for the phone systems. IP PBX system allows you to move or add extensions very easily as compared to other systems.
  • You will get numerous phone features at almost half the price. As IP PBX is software based hence it is much easier for developers to add and improve features without much extra cost.
  • IP PBX is very easy to use and all the features of IP PBX can easily be set and customized using a user friendly GUI.
  • IP PBX allows companies to provide better customer care. With the ease of use and cost efficiency provided by IP PBX, we can deliver better customer service and enhanced productivity.

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