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While very few things can boast thousands of years of existence, music can. It’s been a way of expressing human emotions for ages and has remained relevant today. At the core of music, is composing a song and producing it. These are two different responsibilities that determine if a song will be great or wack. Yet, music can give the needed magic touch to any project.

While everyone loves music, there’s a reason while we all don’t make it. Music-making is hard. Finding the inspiration to compose simple melodies that resonates with others is a hard task. You may have an original song idea pop into your mind or maybe the snippet of a melody pop into your head, but it’s going to take much more than to those to create the unique song you desire.

Who is a composer?

A composer is someone who writes and directs an original music piece to be used for several types of media entertainment such as theatre, TV, radio, movies, computer games, etc. The notations must be properly notated to guide musicians or instrumentalists to create a flawless performance. A composer may write various styles of music like country, jazz, classical, rock, folk etc. A composer has an extensive understanding of the industry and is versatile so he/she can work on a variety of projects.

Who is a Producer?

A producer oversees and manages the sound recording of a musician’s song. Today’s producers also double as sound engineers who work to write, arrange, record and produce their own songs or that of other musicians. They make sure that a song is well recorded and well produced. They may also work with the musician to improve their lyrics or rearrange their songs.

Key Benefits of Composer and Producer

Create original music: A composer has the creative ability to write a unique music piece that can be used for several projects. The song takes on the style demanded of the composer.

Transcribe songs: A composer transcribes songs into notes on scored music paper so the musicians can understand the song and deliver a stellar performance.

Work with musicians: A producer works closely with musicians to rearrange their song or improve their lyrics to have better expression.

Generate musical ideas: Coming up with different ideas to ensure all the parts of the song blend perfectly is another benefit of a producer.

Monitor production: A producer ensures that the song is properly recorded with the right mixing of instrumentals or vocal elements to produce great music.

Why to choose JachOOs™ for your composer and producer services?

At JachOOs™, we have creative and experienced composers that are ready to work with you to compose the kind of songs you want. Our professional producers are also on standby to record and produce a flawless song for you.

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