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Java is a programming language and computing platform developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. The main goal was to create a platform and operating system independent language which can be used for application programming, web and consumer electronics. Java also revolutionized the way we communicated on web. Java has evolved a lot and matured over the years and for last more then two decades it has gained the reputation of a language which is secure, fast and robust and platform independent. Now most critical applications are designed and built using Java. Java still rules in enterprise domain especially in banking applications and java web development.

Google has also chosen Java as its Android app development language due to its performance, security, better memory management using automatic garbage collection etc.

    Some of the applications of Java are:-

  • Desktop GUI applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • ERP and CRM applications
  • Web Applications including E-commerce applications, front and back office electronic trading systems
  • Web Servers and application servers
  • Middleware Products

    Why to Choose Java/J2EE for Software Application Development?

  • Java is free, simple, object oriented, supports multithreading, distributed and offer multimedia and network support.
  • Java offers higher cross functionality and portability as program written in one platform run across desktops, mobiles and embedded systems.
  • Java is mature, reliable, stable and predictable language.
  • Java has a large active user community and support as it is highly popular at enterprise, embedded and network level.
  • Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse SDK and NetBeans which have good debugging capability and offer IDE.
  • Java 8 offers new features such as scalable and flexible platform for Internet of Things, new date and time library and API, refreshed graphics toolkit and integration with JavaScript etc.

Why to Choose Jachoos for Java/J2EE Development?

Jachoos has been in Java software development since many years. It has extensive experience in developing Java based solutions for all kinds of industries. This helped us in understanding all of the aspects of today’s enterprise needs. Over last these years, we have built a dedicated team of professional Java developers who are expert in delivering customer centric customized solutions to enterprises. We assist enterprises in picking the right Java framework for architecture design and solution after doing deep research and technical feasibility.

    Some of the reasons why to choose Jachoos for Java development:-

  • Jachoos has a team of highly professional and experienced Java Programmers.
  • We have proven capabilities and expertise in Java Software development and Java Web Applications development.
  • We provide highly secure and scalable web and mobile apps for enterprises.
  • We do continuous R&D to maximize new Java standards and frameworks.
  • We do rapid prototyping and deployment which always meet the project delivery time.
  • We follow best practices and latest industry standards to develop multi-tiered applications.
  • Full time dedicated development teams for Java/J2EE technologies leading to cost effective solutions and 24*7 technical support.
  • Our Project managers have indepth knowledge and experience of Waterfall, Agile and DevOps development methodologies.
  • Java is a secure language and we use the required tools and APIs to deliver highly secure applications.
  • We do all the necessary documentations, testing and quality analysis.
  • We are single stop solution for development and maintenance for Java Application and Web based projects.

Due to our highly skilled and experienced Java professionals we have created a reputation in the market. If you have any requirement of Java based project then do contact us to get world class best quality software application which will surely boost your business and will open new avenues of growth and success for your organization.

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