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Promoting a product or brand can be difficult when the public has little information about it. Feature sheets can come handy but they are often too long and boring for a customer to consult before making an informed decision. Faced with this challenge, companies from B2B and B2C have employed the use of whiteboard and animated explainers to effectively create awareness about their brand and product line.

Whiteboard and animated explainers are basically short videos that highlight the services of a company and explain the benefits customers can derive from the product. With the continuous growing popularity of video content over the last decade, whiteboard and animated explainers help customers cut to chase by presenting simple bites of product information. This makes purchasing decisions easier and faster than before.

    Features of a great whiteboard and animated explainers include:

  • It uses storytelling to explain products
  • It has a short timeframe
  • It has a style that effectively describes a company
  • It makes use of a voiceover
  • It uses music and sound effects
  • It’s simple without many details
  • It has a clear call-to-action etc.

Key Benefits of whiteboard and animated explainers

Higher conversions: Whiteboard and animated explainers have a track record of generating high conversions. A study revealed that 85% of customers who watch explainer videos are more likely to purchase a product than those who don’t.

Faster explanation: Whiteboard and animated explainers explain in seconds what a customer could have used minutes reading. It’s a great tool since the average attention span of an internet user is 8 seconds.

Higher visibility: Google loves videos! Whiteboard and animated explainers can help you rank better on search engines by lowering your bounce rate and increasing your time-on-page rate.

Brand awareness: When you craft the characters in your whiteboard and animated explainers with your customers in mind, you get to develop a stronger connection with them about your brand. Making use of the color palette and personalized script to tell your story helps position your brand the way you desire.

Mobile friendly: With today’s users accessing the web from their mobile devices, whiteboard and animated explainers are a plus as they work fine on all mobile gadgets. They can easily fit to all kinds of screens.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Whiteboard and animated explainers?

Whether you want to promote your brand or products, JachOOs™ has seasoned video editors that can meet your needs. All you need do is forward your script and your logo to us and you will receive a whiteboard animation video that will enchant and persuade your viewers to buy.

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