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Cloud Hosting: Choosing the best one from the top 3

November 4, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Amazon, Microsoft and Google, the tech giants are in the cloud hosting game too. When these giants are in, the best premium cloud hosting service should be from one of these. Premium cloud hosting is synonymous to unlimited cloud hosting. Indeed there are other companies providing similar services.

Considering popularity among leading MNCs and availability of datacenters, the choices for premium cloud hosting can be limited to:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft web hosting services known by the name Azure
  • Google Cloud Services (GCS) of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Premium services do come with some special features. Generally, a standard cloud hosting package comes with 

  • limited SSD storage
  • one or two years of validity for free domain 
  • common account manager.

On the other hand, almost all premium packages from AWS, Azure and GCP offers several unlimited services. Storage and free domain validity are unlimited in a premium cloud hosting. There will be a dedicated account manager and unlimited WordPress hosting too. Among Google cloud hosting, Azure web hosting and AWS web hosting price can be a deciding factor. Even though almost all services are the same, the difference is majorly due to the number of data centers available. 

But picking the best web hosting among AWS, Azure and GCS is not that simple, especially when these big names are involved with high-end features. It is not necessary for a business owner to know all these beforehand. To determine the best premium cloud hosting service package for you from the many options available, the following factors should be kept in mind. 

  • Scale of the business business: The premium services from AWS, Azure and GCS are generally opted by the large scale businesses. However, small businesses too opt for premium services considering possible future expansions.
  • Amount of data handled: This factor is separately considered as the data handled can be disproportionate to the scale of a business. The amount of data used and generated in a business should be accommodated in the cloud. So according to the need of business and the confidentiality required, premium cloud hosting packages can be selected.
  • Amount of computation required: Choose your package in such a way that the services include computation and the track record of the cloud service provider in the same. Generally, premium packages come with the computation service. 
  • Support required for software development and testing: Software development and testing is a feature available in all premium cloud hosting. However, the backend infrastructure and support are different for AWS, Azure and GCP.  Compared with the other two Microsoft Azure performs better in this aspect. 
  • Scalability options available: Your growing business and expanding database should be considered while purchasing the cloud package. Scalability too is a common feature for all premium packages. 
  • Availability of private servers: There are some businesses for which extreme security is significant. Such businesses require a dedicated server for handling their data. Some businesses can generate confidential data on the go. So the availability of private servers can also be a key factor while considering a cloud hosting package. 

There are several other parameters which a business can consider before the purchase of a cloud hosting package,  including experience in the sector, tools available for data management, number of data centers, customizability when required, automation when required, support related to the Service Legal Agreement or SLA, business continuity or disaster recovery,  etc. All premium packages have all of the above features but in different levels. 

Let’s choose from the giants

When we consider the present day market share, AWS is leading with around 40% followed by Azure with around 30% and GCP with around 10%. Even though AWS is at the top, in terms of recent changes in market share, Azure and GCP are continuously increasing their market share while AWS is facing a minor decline. 

When we consider other factors like experience, the number of data centers, availability zones and the number of services, AWS is leading. 

However, certain other factors give upper hand to Azure and GCP which help them keep growing. The first factor is the trust they developed with their already established services. Another factor is billing mode. Azure follows minute based billing from the beginning and GCP follows per second billing while AWS started with hourly billing and shifted to minute billing later. 

When considering individually, the software development and testing features favor Azure while the speed of launch, storage, downtime, pricing and offer parameters favors GCP. 

About major shortcomings, AWS has a high difficulty level in managing and AWS web hosting price is comparatively high. Azure faced a huge downtime in last season and Microsoft web hosting price is also on the higher side. GCP suffers with fewer data centers and a comparatively lesser number of services.

All three managed to bag huge names in their portfolio. By now you must be clear that it is not easy to choose the best premium cloud hosting provider. Also the best is according to the business needs and preference of features.  Yet, when considering all the factors including the downtime of just 14 minutes, Google’s GCP emerges with an advantageous position of slight margin. 

Choosing the best suitable service for your business can be tiresome. Jachoos cloud hosting services provide you a one stop solution for this problem as you can easily compare the features and cost of various cloud hosting packages of AWS, Azure and GCP from our website.


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