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How does social media marketing help small businesses?

August 30, 2021, Written by 0 comment

Social media is not just anymore a casual platform to connect with people and maintain relationships. In today’s digital world, it has far-reaching uses that has not been envisioned during its inception. One such benefit is social media marketing, which means using social media as a channel to promote your business. This promotion happens not just in the form of paid ads. There are many ways in which a business can take advantage of social media. Here we will discuss on how small businesses can use social media services for their marketing purposes.

Brand awareness

Apart from making personal profiles, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allows companies to create pages that can be used for marketing purposes. Businesses can post creative and informative posters, videos and contents on these pages that will help them to develop brand awareness among wide audience. You can also share your posts to various groups that can have people of shared interests and likes. For example, if you are running a restaurant, your content will be welcomed by a group for foodies. This will also help you to target your marketing content to the right section of population.

The main advantage of such pages is that you don’t have to pay any money for creating or maintaining your page. This is a great support for small businesses and startups that doesn’t have enough budget to do paid ads. The only thing you have to do is to get the help of a creative social media marketing agency that can assist you in planning the right strategies or campaigns and design appropriate designs that will attract potential customers to your brand.

Link building

Social media marketing can also help in the process of SEO; i.e., help businesses to rank their website on top of search engines. This is done through a process called link building. It is one of the many factors that search engines consider for ranking a website. For example, search engines check for the quantity and quality of your website links that are in other sites. By posting your website link in major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, you can improve your SEO score and help search engines identify your website as a genuine site. A good social media marketing agency will help you to create profiles and business pages in all major social media channels and promote link building through regular posts.

Improve website traffic

Another major advantage of social media marketing is to boost website traffic considerably. People who are interested in your posts will usually click on the link provided with the post. As they are coming with a genuine interest in your product or service, the chance of them getting converted into customers is very high. By posting a single content in multiple platforms, you can generate a lot of website traffic in a short time span. A passionate social media advertising agency will help you to create relevant content that inspire audience to click the link given in your post.

Generate leads

If you are ready to spend a small amount of money for paid advertising, social media marketing is the best way to generate maximum quality leads within a short time. Being a startup or small business, your business may not be known to all. By running a paid campaign, you can take your business to targeted audience with choice of location, age, designation, preferences etc. to generate quality leads that has high conversion rate. A reliable social media marketing agency will support you in running customized ad campaigns in major platforms like Facebook and Instagram at minimum budget to get maximum sales.

How can a social media marketing agency help?

A social media marketing agency knows the pulse of the audience who interacts in the social media. An experienced team of social media experts can help you in planning and executing your marketing goals within minimum time and budget. It is not feasible for small businesses to have a team of their own for handling the social media. JachOOs is a leading digital marketing agency based in UK and offices across four continents with many years of expertise in handling global clients.

We can help you in various stages of social media marketing from finding your target audience, creating social media pages in relevant platforms, posting attractive and informative content regularly, interacting with customers on social media, running paid campaigns, monitoring success of campaigns and much more. Visit our website to know more or give us a call to book a free consultation with our digital marketing experts.


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